Feature: Kara and Sony's Creative Risks

Push Square reflects on the recent Kara presentation and discusses Sony's contribution and innovation with creative risks in gaming. Titles such as Journey, Flower and Heavy Rain show that Sony are willing to invest and support new gaming experiences.

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StrongMan2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Sony is the only one out of the big three that is giving gamers fresh mew IPs and taking risks. Nintendo is only giving us multiple iterations of Mario and Microsoft is only giving us multiple different variations of Halo, Forza, and Fable. How can gamers not respect Sony?

from the beach2441d ago

Sony is giving us multiple iterations of God of War, Resistance, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank..

I'm not saying this is a bad thing, quite the opposite - they're good games so why not make more.

But recognise that it applies across the board and not solely to Nintendo or MS.

CGI-Quality2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Yes but he's saying that Sony is giving gamers fresh new material in addition to keeping fans of previous IPs happy. You're right, nothing wrong with that, but he's arguing for variety, which Sony leads the pack in right now.

OT: VERY well written article!

Eu2441d ago

"Sony is giving us multiple iterations of God of War, Resistance, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank.." TOO.

Tere, i made it right. While you have a point, there is no doubt that Sony is the only one in the big tree that went as far as they did with new IPs this gen.

StrongMan2441d ago

Of course Sony does sequels too and nothing wrong with that but for every PS3 sequel there are your Heavy Rains, your MAGs and still releasing new IPs six years later like The Last of Us, The Last Guardian, and the Sony smash bros. game while Microsoft is only giving us different variations of sequels like Forza 4/Forza Horizon, Fable 3/Fable: The Journey/Fable XBLA game, Halo ODST/Halo Reach/Halo 4 and you know there will be a Halo 4 ODST next year.

Each gen's console race is different. Don't MS will automatically do great next gen by forcing Kinect and only giving core gamers more Halo, Forza, and Fable.

catfrog2441d ago

you do realize that two of the properties you mentioned there are new this gen, right?

btw, every publisher is going to need to do sequels, they're less risk then new ips, sony has been funding new titles the entire gen, which is something that cant be said about the other platform holders.

from the beach2441d ago

There's two aspects here - first that all three companies pump out sequels and it's great.

We seem to agree on this even though my comment has received a lot of disagrees, lol.

The second aspect is that Sony is seen as "the only" company taking risks on new franchises.

No, I don't agree with that.

Nintendo Wii pretty much has its own entire library distinct from 360 and PS3, full of quirky and original stuff.

The 360 has, I would estimate - and it would be very interesting to see a list produced! - as many new franchises than PS3, naturally taking all of Kinect and XBLA into account.

BitbyDeath2441d ago

@from the beach,
they're not just talking about new IPs, they're meaning whole new game types or twists on current types.

Ie. Starhawk (build and battle), LBP (Play, Create, Share), Heavy Rain (choose your own path/adventure) etc

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THC CELL2441d ago

because xbox fans are brain dead.. If it was not for sony most games will not be out today.

Series_IIa2441d ago

THC CELL has just admitted he is an xbox fanboy.

GribbleGrunger2441d ago

see, this is what creates division on this site and not just heated discussion. why do you feel it necessary to get personal like that? generalising isn't healthy if it relates to a 'group'. that's how fascism started and still continues today.

if certain 'individuals' attack you then fair enough, but stop it with this nonsense. when i read comments like that it's understandable that when I make a positive Sony comment (because i am a fan of Sony) people automatically jump on it and consider it fanboy

BitbyDeath2441d ago

I agree with gribble, how do you only have 3 bubbles? +1 for intelligence

Virtual_Reality2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

With QD developing new Ideas and fresh games for PS3 while CCP developing a revolutionary MMOFPS, DUST 514 on PS3, you know Sony is open to new and risky ideas.

lover20122441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

i have all the respect in the world for
the company that are willing to take risks
yes they did make in this gen from their new ips
a lot of sequels
but at the same time
they keep bring unique games and new ips along with them
even at the end of this gen they still have a lot of new ips incoming for ps3
like the last of us / the last guardian
the new ip from guerrilla
the new ip from QD and the new IP from SSM along with the new god of war

that's why ps3 is my favorite console this gen

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CarlitoBrigante2441d ago


The innovator of hardware and entertainment:


BuffMordecai2441d ago

Sony innovates, Microsoft stagnates.

OcularVision2441d ago

N4G is so full of Sony fanboys, that saying anything even remotely negative about anything related to Sony is garner a storm of hate. Good bye N4G.

OcularVision2441d ago

tThe disagrees only validate my point.

Hicken2441d ago

The disagrees are just that: disagrees. It means people don't agree with what you've said. They don't have to be Sony fanboys. They may not even LIKE Sony.

Yet because you've taken the stance you have, you've created a self-fulfilling prophecy, in which you say something that you can easily predict people will disagree with. Then, because of the nature of what you said, you can say their actions "prove" that what you said is right.

Some of the most anti-Sony people on this site have the largest bubble counts not given to a moderator. On the other hand, I'm about as pro-Sony as you can get without being a fanboy(not that that protects me from being called one), yet here I sit with one bubble. If what you said was true, I'd at LEAST have my standard three.

Don't only look for what you want to see. Don't only expect to have the results you want. This place is FAR from a Sony haven; however, bringing in biased negativity to a positive- and true- Sony article WILL get lots of disagrees. Blatant lies WILL be met with hate.

The same is true of Nintendo, PC, and Microsoft threads, though, so I really don't see what you're getting at.

Bathyj2441d ago

N4G IS so full of fanboys, that saying anything positive about Sony and negative about Xbox gets you labeled a fanboy.

Bathyj2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Sorry, Double post.

MySwordIsHeavenly2440d ago

It's ok. It was an Xbox fanboy site from 2005 to 2010, so this is payback.

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Bathyj2441d ago

Greats article, well written.

Sony are carrying this generation as far as I'm concerned. 30 years of gaming but I think I would have given up by now if it werent for them.

I'm just glad this sort of bravery is being acknowledged and rewarded.

bahabeast2441d ago

sony's biggest problem this generation was america, for some reason american analyst, journalist, and kids bashed sony for no reason what so eva. sony brought the best in every genre in all fields of the game sony delivered IMO

MySwordIsHeavenly2440d ago

Agreed. They need to acknowledge that the general public in America will buy anything the television tells them to buy. As an American, it makes me sad...but it's true.

bahabeast2440d ago

you are the first american who agrees with the truth bro.