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Now with all this controversy surrounding Mass Effect 3 having Day one DLC – does this make Bioware a crooked, money grabbing developer?

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mynameisEvil2441d ago

Look, I loved BioWare since the days of the Infinity Engine to the first Dragon Age game. Personally, however, BioWare is no longer what BioWare was to me. Mass Effect and Dragon Age 2 show that the company is trying to modernize their games, but aren't great at doing so (WHY IS THE DAMN CAMERA HUMPING MY CHARACTER'S BACK? Where are my damn RPG elements?!).

They should've always stuck with true RPGs. To think how alive the CRPG genre would still be if BioWare had stuck to it's guns. Seriously, Baldur's Gate 3 would sell like hotcackes and would bring life to computer role-playing games.

And that's what would make me happy, too. Mass Effect and Dragon Age 2 would be forgiven forever if they just stuck to their guns like they should've.

Anyway, I vented. Let the disagrees roll in.

tsn2441d ago

Blizzard were the best until activision.

NYC_Gamer2441d ago

The old Bioware produced so many great rpgs.

closnyc2441d ago

haha, the best? look at cdp and remedy and what they did for PC and their support, then come tell me Bioware is "the greatest", please, bioware has been on a down slope ever since EA bought them, only thing that saves them now is dragon age origins and mass effect 1 and maybe 2, other than that they are pure crap. Unless you played form ashes, you woudlnt know who and what a prothean is and trhen they try telling you that it wasnt part of the game and yet again their story is so badly written it lostr everything the first me1 had in terms of story which set the bar pretty high.