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Submitted by skynidas 2893d ago | news

How To Download UT3 Mods using your PS3 Internet Browser

Here it is a very useful tutorial for PS3 and UT3 owners on how to download mods using your PS3 internet browser. (PS3, Unreal Tournament III)

Skerj  +   2893d ago
Good, the idiots who keep whining about USB drives and memory sticks need this (PennyArcade). What, it's supposed to magically appear on the system?
unsunghero28  +   2893d ago
I guess it's whining.
As a new PS3 owner though, I might... maybe... see what they're talking about. I still haven't figured out how to get a memory stick working on the PS3.

BEFORE flaming me, could someone please just explain the whole thing?
Real Gambler  +   2893d ago
Unsung hero, just make sure it's FAT32
and it should work... If there's something else to do, I don't remember. I've been plugging multiples external hard drives and a few USB keys and never had a problem. I have not done it since they added DLNA.
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Skerj  +   2893d ago
Nah unsung you're not whining you just want to know. PA on the other hand was whining. Real Gambler is right though, it's pretty much plug and play. The only caveat is that inside the XMB if it isn't formatted with the Sony folders (i.e. PSP/PS3 folders) then you'll have to hit triangle on the storage device to show everything on it.
bruiser81  +   2893d ago
At 1.1, in my own personal experience when i used to use memory sticks i found that when you plug it in and the icon pops up press the square button and display all folder contents. Hope that helps
unsunghero28  +   2893d ago
On a different note, can we ever expect a UT3 demo on PSN?
Real Gambler  +   2893d ago
It was never in Mark Rein's priority...
I would not expect one for a while. I guess once the sales goes down...
solidt12  +   2893d ago
I don't see why. Either you like UT or you don't. Well it could be good for people new to the franchise I guess.
Kleptic  +   2893d ago
Epic said they would eventually do it probably...but that it wouldn't happen before the game the interviews asking that question Rein said they told Sony "do you want the full game out this year, or do you want a demo this year?"...but went on to say that depending on sales a demo would most likely show up...

being that the sales are relatively slow at this point (although still already more than doubled the PC version in just two weeks), I wouldn't be suprised to see a demo...

it really is a great game...anyone that likes online fps games should definitely look into this...and the mods will give it near infinite replay value...
solidt12  +   2893d ago
Don't make it more complicated than what it is. Just download the file then unzip it to your usb drive. The path should be created automatically but if not it's PS3\SAVEDATA\BLUS30086-MODIMPO RT
Ju  +   2893d ago
Actually, I was wondering. Those 4 mods were ziped. How do you download them into the folders without unziping ? Or are they available unziped, already ?

EDIT: Ah, I see. has them right there to download.

Another thing is, each mod has the same folder and file name. So, you have to repeat the whole procedure for each single mod you want to install (start browser, download mod, start UT3, install mod, quit UT3, start browser again, ... next mod ). - They could add browser support inside UT3, or not ? Would at least make that easier. (but possibly use up to much memory).

BTW: I am again impressed by the UT3 visuals. I am close to say, they come close to UC (or are on par).
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bigshynepo  +   2893d ago
This was informative. I just hate how you have to repeat the step over and over again, it's too bad you couldn't load all the maps/mods into one folder and have the game recognize them. Still the coolest thing to happen to consoles since "plays for windows" cross-plat play. I can't wait to fill up my PS3 with UT mods and maps.
Blademask  +   2893d ago
I might as well quit map making now.. have you guys seen this? Friggen SICK

ande he posted a tut?

The PS3 is getting to test out the hand-off between the PC and Consoles. Should only take a month before its more straight forward. MOD's aren't a mainstream issue to begin with.
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Skerj  +   2893d ago
Hah keep on mapmaking man, don't be intimidated be inspired. That map is freaking gorgeous though, the bonus disc with UT3 is very much needed for this UnrealEd since the documentation kinda sucks on it at this point.
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Blademask  +   2893d ago
DUDE its too detailed, Ive been watching it for a while now off and on! Its very informative. Do you make maps?
Wondering if I need to track down 3Dsmax, or will exporting OBJ's from Maya work just as good.

I really wanna get into total conversion or just setting up a simple horror fun game like resident evil 1 & 2.
Skerj  +   2893d ago
Got back into modding just prior to this coming out, so I had to transfer all of my knowledge from the last UE to this one. Trying to plan a map right now, so I can make proper use of my free time. I've stopped using Maya long ago in favor of XSI/Silo but my brother still uses it and I'm pretty sure it's still very much compatible with UE, considering Autodesk owns Maya and Max now anyway.
crazypuppet  +   2893d ago
man i want this game
sometimes i wish i had gotten a ps3
Ju  +   2893d ago
That's what they all say :)

Warhawk and UT3. Best multiplayer on PS3. Nice achievements in WH, better visuals in UT3. My two favorites.
crazypuppet  +   2893d ago
yea im getting really close
i think im gonna get one really soon im really getting tempted. I just got a hdtv and blu-ray is really tipping the scale.
Raptors  +   2893d ago
It was all the blu ray factor for me. I now have a 360 and a ps3. Best of both worlds.
PimpHandHappy  +   2893d ago
COD4 and Warhawk are the best multiplayer games on the PS3 IMO

but i own Unreal and it is very fun
PimpHandHappy  +   2893d ago
btw let me add this on
if talking on Unreal was better or even a open mic like COD that game would be alot more fun for me

i like talking because when you get a team working it makes online gaming that much more fun
shysun  +   2893d ago
I heard(I'll try it later) that if you press and hold the right directinal pad(to talk) and then hit start, you'll get to free talk.
MvC Xtrm  +   2893d ago
Why won't my PS3 detect my USB Drive?
Ju  +   2893d ago
Somebody above mentioned that, already, AFAIR.

The device needs to be formated in FAT(32) and to see what's on, the folder structure needs to be prepared accordingly. These folders are usually created when you e.g. store music, audio or even save data. But, on default, the PS3 only shows proper content in the proper XMB menues (e.g. music in music only, video in video, and so on). Mods are "alien" data to XMB and won't show. That is, they do, if you go into the game section into the "savedata" folder. The MODs show up as "unrecognizd" (or broken) data.

To make sure, your device is recognized, go in any of the music or video folders. It should at least show up if it is a proper "mass storage device". If there's no PS3 content on it, you can still see what's on, by using the "Triangle" option button and enable "view all", which shows all content, not just PS3 prepared one.

Hope that helps. If the device itself does not show up, hm, then either its not a "mass storage device" or maybe not properly formated (FAT file format).
MvC Xtrm  +   2893d ago
Ah, thank you Ju
Will do.
Panthers  +   2893d ago
i dont have this game, but if you have the Mod on your system, cant other people download it from you? Otherwise we are going to see very few people playing with mods. If people have to go to another source other than the game to get the mods most people will just say to hell with it.
Bazookajoe_83  +   2893d ago
I havent played online yeat
But it says on when you start UT3 and go under the Community directory that people can have modded and if you join a game where they play a modded map you will automaticly download it. But i havent tried it out yet

Edit: it was in manual it stood, sheck my comment bellow.
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Ju  +   2893d ago
The mods also work offline (with bots), which actually gives you an unlimited free content in case you are bored with the local maps. I haven't tried them online, yet, to be honest. I can't imagine you can download them automatically, though (just the way those mods work. You need to import and install them). I would simply assume, you can't select those maps or games in your list to join. But I don't know, if they show up or not, haven't tried, yet. I'd like to see some warfare maps, though. :)
Kleptic  +   2893d ago
I would assume it is like past game client server distribution...where in earlier UT and QIII games you could download certian maps and low level mods directly from the server before the game started (just .cfg modifications...not .ini or .pak mods...mods that would alter gravity or game speed, not things like regeneration or new weapons/vehicles)...these types of mods didn't need to be installed exactly, but more just "read"...but, at least in the past, the maps would only be stuck in a temp file for the remainder of that wouldn't hold onto that mod or map for later use, unless you went out and found it on the net to download...

so far though this has happend for me on the PS3 version of it does support it in some wasn't a new map...and I am not exactly sure what the download did (in this UT you can ajdust game speed and stuff simply when hosting the server)...and there is still nothing under my content...but i am positive it did a full download of some file before a few games...just yet to figure out exactly what it downloaded...
Bazookajoe_83  +   2893d ago
Have anyone heard about that coming in some update? I emailed Mark Rein but havent got any answere yet, i know there were talk about it before the release.

EDIT: If they would release a patch allowing 4-player splitscreen i would die as a very happy man =)
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Ju  +   2893d ago
Nah, nothing yet (IMO), but this would be really cool.
Bazookajoe_83  +   2893d ago

If a server is running a mod content, the user will automatically download it when they try to connect to the match. The user does not have to accept any messages and does have the option to cancel if they do not wish to download the content.
MvC Xtrm  +   2893d ago
Okay, I'm still not getting the mods
I followed all the instructions and made the sud folders in my USB 2.0 drive. There's no spelling error on the sub folders I created because I copy/pasted the folder names.

When I click on download file (from PS3 Browser/, my PS3 DOES detect "USB 2.0" (including all the sub folders detected). I push start to d-load to the correct sub folder on my USB drive, it does go into the download screen, but nothing happens. In the download screen, it instantly shows 100% downloaded in a split second (which is odd), and no files show on my USB Drive afterwards. Hmmm? I'm stuck... NOT WORKING!

EDIT: Never mind, I got it. It just takes an extremely long time for the download to start.
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jorellpogi  +   2893d ago
Thanks for this informative article. UT3 ROCKS!!!
KidMakeshift  +   2892d ago
I'm guessing the game doesn't have download lobby? I've only been playing the single player campaign (Jesus, it's long). How many maps does this game have?
Figboy  +   2892d ago
it was annoying
to copy the files over repeatedly, but i used two memory stick duo's, my digital camera memory stick, and my fiance's external USB HDD, with a mod on each.

then i went into Unreal Tournament 3 on my PS3, and imported them from each (of course, i had to swap memory sticks, but the USB HDD, and the digital camera memory stick were fine; each of them showed up in the UT3 import menu).
shysun  +   2892d ago
I did the same thing. It's good to know that from now on, we can just DL it to the PS3.

PSN: Shysun

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