Angry Birds & Angry Birds Space For Nintendo 3DS

Peter Vesterbacka,chief marketing officer at Rovio has said that the company wants Angry Birds Space on every platform available, including Nintendo 3DS.

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NukaCola2443d ago

I'd like to see an AR Angry Birds game on Vita/3DS. Seems like it would be a fun cheap download title.

matthewjgildea2443d ago

It'd definitely break up playing bigger Vita games. Sometimes, you can't just play Uncharted on a 10 minute bus trip.

browngamer412443d ago

Yeah that would be lame..but with the current success of the E-shop I don't think it will be an issue to sell it there..

browngamer412443d ago

Agreed..I hope they make the 3ds version 3d..

glynny912443d ago

I just hope they don't make it a full retail price game, if it is then people will be put off buying it.