Alone in the Dark Creator “would love to do” an HD Remake

Rely on Horror: "French designer Frédérick Raynal who was in charge of the original Alone in the Dark, originally released for PC in 1992, would love to see a HD Remake of said game happening someday in the future."

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Coach_McGuirk2441d ago

i loved this game back in the day. bought the AITD 2 pc retail @ babbages

GillHarrison2441d ago

This game is beyond a classic. Resident Evil would not be what it is today without Alone in the Dark.

mastershredder2441d ago

So, we're talking low poly count HD character models? ;)
The whole game would need a facelift for today's demanding gamers.

I really enjoyed the series. 2 was great for its piratey goodness and 3 for its western ghost town setting. The original's monsters were just too goofy looking and oddly animated to be taken seriously or invoke fear.