Mass Effect 3 DLC From Ashes Review -"Blatantly should have been in the game"

OXM: "Day one DLC is a controversial topic, but in this case there really isn't much to defend. Whether the content gets made before or after the final game gets finished feels like a purely semantic discussion: From Ashes doesn't add a new adventure, it puts something into the game that was clearly always meant to be there."

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GribbleGrunger2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

we've seen this far too often now to have any doubt what is really going on: content is being cut so that the game fits onto a DVD. it's as simple as that. if MS had had the guts to make HD-DVD standard in every 360 for games and films, then we would be getting a hell of a lot less of this

one thing is for sure; if Xbox720 comes out before PS4 then all those devs who have been crippled by the storage limitations of DVD will be free to offer far more diverse environments and assets for PS3 games. this is why i believe that 6th and 7th generation games on the PS3 will not be that different from 1st and 2nd generation games on the Xbox720, thus making it possible for Sony to compete for quite some time without having to release a new console.

PersonaCat2443d ago

I believe that is just an excuse for developers to nickel and dime us. There's no question DVD is a horrible format for games of this gen, but dlc doesn't have to cost anything. With the case of ME3, I don't believe it took up the entire space on the disc. If it did, there is no reason for this dlc to cost anything. It could have easily been free dlc. I really did want this game, but I'm not going to put up money on tactics like this.

GribbleGrunger2443d ago

it's been getting sterling reviews and a few of my friends love it, so... i wouldn't let this put you off buying it.

NukaCola2443d ago

The DLC being great is not the issue. The fact it's main story and important yet cut is.

I wouldn't score it on any scale. But I do have to say, play it and I am sorry it wasn't already included.

morganfell2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

@Persona, you are not missing a great deal. The story is very rote and unsurprising Sci Fi channel material.

The characters are still wooden though Jennifer Hale does good v/o work.

The multiplayer is a sham with enemies that spawn out of thin, immersion breaking air, with no sense of realism or how did they get there.

The graphics actually look worse than ME2. This may have been due to trying to develop for all 3 platforms at once rather than optimizing each as they did last time with the delayed PS3 version. My imported character looked heinous. RPG elements are stripped away and you have an unrecognizable husk remaining.

As regards disc space, last generation there was no attempt to make Xbox and PS2 games look the same or have exact layouts. I have more titles than I can count where there was plenty of material missing from the PS2 version dues to its reduced rendering ability.

This gen multiplatform games are all about not offending anyone rather than pushing the bleeding edge.

PersonaCat2443d ago

Trust me, I did want this game, very badly. When ME2 came out for PS3 I jumped for joy lol. I played that game constantly. I was more than ready to buy this day one, but then I heard about the dlc... It's not easy, but I'm going to stick to my principles.

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hazelamy2443d ago

i don't think this was cut because of disc space issues, it was cut because of greedy publisher issues.

and bioware are nothing if not good little whores for ea.

Baka-akaB2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

the whole disc space issue debate is ludicrous in this day and age . It's a problem , but let's be frank , did the ps3's bluray discs gave us every japanese game with dual audio , instead of the usual crap forced dub ?

In most cases no .

Did the 360 disc space prevented dual audio in some cases ? Yes

Will publishers in the future give us dual audio tracks when everyone got sizable disc space ? Still no .

Same goes with content .When we'll reach near infinite enough space , they'll just ditch the space excuse , and claims it's a matter of time and timing

360GamerFG2443d ago

Please fight your urges to say retarded things. They didn't mind fitting the game into 2 discs, why would they have a problem putting it in 3 if they really wanted it as part of the game?
Even if it was a space issue, they could have easily made it free dlc then like Portal 2's dlc or part of their EA pass.
You are just looking for an excuse to troll the xbox and your logic is failing you badly!
Any excuse to polish SONY's shoe huh? How is blu ray going to help ps3 RAM next gen?

GribbleGrunger2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

some of us are able to deal with an issue in a none fanboy way. just because a comment doesn't favour your console of choice doesn't automatically make it a fanboy statement. in fact, to immediately assume that exposes YOU as the fanboy.

people can keep on doing that for as long as they like but it won't change the facts. Blu-ray has more space... which is why first party games have far more variety in terms of environments. yes you could put the game on multiple discs but it costs more money to do that and in some cases (such as open world games or games that you can revisit areas) it just can't be done.

look at FFXIII for instance. they cut a whole game out of that and made it linear in order to incorporate it onto DVD. no towns and hardly any open environments until you got to the last disc.

if MS had the courage to have HD-DVD as standard this would never have been an issue. and if MS had not released the Arcade then devs would have been able to have installs for games that were not linear.

m232443d ago

How does this have anything to do with disk space? They already have the game on 2 disks, I'm pretty sure if they wanted to they could have put it on one of the disks.

The game is great by the way, and I do agree that this dlc should have been included in the game, but I don't see where the argument of disk space comes in.

maniacmayhem2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Completely false.

With all the practices we have seen with the big devs and publishers you're still blaming MS and its DVD format for dlc?

What about Sony exclusives and their DLC? all of it could easily fit on one disc. The deal is devs are trying to get as much money out of their investment as possible. These AAA budget games run way past a million to make.

Not to mention some companies just wanting to get some extra $$$ out of the consumer. DLC, online passes, Xbox live, PS Plus are all ways to make extra dollars from the consumer.

***look at FFXIII for instance. they cut a whole game out of that and made it linear in order to incorporate it onto DVD. no towns and hardly any open environments until you got to the last disc.***

No, it has already been stated by the producer that that line from some art/sound guy was taken greatly out of context. There are cuts made to games in production all the time. I've seen whole levels omitted and trashed for numerous reasons. the game would have been the exact same if it was a ps3 exclusive. And by the way 13-2 is not linear and has towns.

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pr0digyZA2443d ago

I have the collectors edition so it is already included. It makes me think though they could put it in that version, but not the normal version. That definately screams cut content to me and disc storage wasn't a factor.

m232443d ago

I got the CE version as well, and I feel the same way. the backstory for the dlc is pretty important and it should have been on every game from the start.

The game itself is amazing though, I'm loving it.

Agent_00_Revan2443d ago

Its definitely vital in my opinion.

vortis2442d ago

Awesome. This is the first review that actually addressed this issue.


I'm so tired of so many other sites playing follow the leader because they want to suck up to BioWare.

They used to make great games before getting under EA, and now all I see is EA shining through every business and game development decision they make.

Such a shame. I wish we could get the Bioware back from the Baldur's Gate days.