MechWarrior Online Role Warfare Interview

Here we have a video for the much anticiapated MechWarrior Online!

It's a video interview showing some multiplayer gameplay, the developer talks about how each Mech will have a role in the game, even if it's a small weedy scout mech you will still be useful, instead of always going for the biggest Mechs with the most firepower, sounds good to us.
We think the game looks really good too, graphics wise and looks like a lot of fun to play, we are PolyPwn miss the feeling of firing a barrage of LRM's into someones face then cutting an arm off with a few lasers so we can't wait to get on the beta of this game in a few months time.

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morventhus2468d ago

i realllly cant wait....
to break out my joysticks...
or buy new ones... for this and hawkens (which is also coming to pc right)

Mintydog2468d ago

Yeah it does look great, it's been so long since the last mech game. Hawken looks good, it's faster paced than MechWarrior is, so not sure if you will get that heavy Mech feeling that we love so much.

morventhus2467d ago

yah... i know it wont feel like a heavy mech sim that we all love... but... i kinda like the fps / mech sim feeling its giving off.... kinda like mechassult should have been... feeling you know?