Apple Is Destroying the Gaming Industry

DailyFinance: There's one thing that Apple CEO Tim Cook said on Wednesday that's unbelievable.

It was actually what may have seemed like a throwaway comment on Cook's part -- working his way up to the highly anticipated iPad unveiling -- that left me shaking my head:

"Users with a gaming console and portable console said the iPad was their favorite for gaming," he said.

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THC CELL2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

I would blame xbox but no i agree apple have come and took that crown...

steve jobs will be turning in his grave he hated gaming..

Godmars2902441d ago

I don't think MS helped things with their indy channel. Letting every and anyone make a game so long as they pay for the possibility to see a fraction of profit. And that's if a game manages to be popular among thousands of others.

Though hell, it might be millions.

dedicatedtogamers2441d ago

No, this article is missing the mark. Apple isn't destroying gaming. The reality that no one wants to face is that Apple is having almost no effect on gaming. That's the truth.

BrutallyBlunt2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Actually the truth is all you do is troll articles and totally contradict yourself with the username dedicatedtogamers. Apple has had an impact. Even companies like ID and many other PC developers are taking a crack at IOS devices. So to say they have had virtually no impact is not only misinformed information it's plain old ignorance on your part.

This is nothing new mind you coming from you.

Anybody want to divulge the revenue Apple has garnered in its gaming section? That's what i thought. Lol, no impact.

dedicatedtogamers2441d ago

Why are you stalking me, LevelHead?

Show me a single game on iOS made by Apple. I'm waiting...

BrutallyBlunt2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

2 comments directed at you in one day is stalking you? Lol, now i know you're a comedian for sure.

You implying Apple is having no impact on gaming is like saying the Playstation 3 had no impact on Blu-ray. Tell me smarty-pants, what Blu-ray movies are exclusive on that system? The Playstation 3 was the driving force to getting Blu-ray into homes. They used the popularity of the Playstation brand to get people to buy into that format. Apple is one of if not the most popular brands in the world today, of course they are having an impact on gaming because their devices support gaming.

Apple doesn't need to develop their own games to have an impact. The fact is they are having an impact because of the popularity of their devices. Which means the userbase is large enough to have game developers/publishers support it. So while you continue to bitch and moan about Apple products Apple will continue to make billions of dollars. On the flip-side you'll continue to troll articles which you should be paying all of us to read.

Simon_Brezhnev2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

My main problem with microsoft this generation is they started the DLC bullshit. Apple will probably do something. I just dont want all these consoles next generation. XBOX 720, Wii U, PS4, Steam Box, and now apple.


Apple Is Destroying the Gaming Industry!

No EA/ACTIVISION are the cancer of the gaming industry.

2441d ago
Godmars2902441d ago

iPad is nothing but - okay,mostly - a platform for cheap games. Some may look good, but they're still on the level of the NES or early gameboy in terms of real complexity. Possibly even the Atari 2600.

iamnsuperman2441d ago

In a way ios and other mobile gaming is doing some good. Its quite easy for small developers to develop games and make a profit of sorts.

Tonester9252441d ago

I'd never even had the thought of selling my PS3 to buy an iPad. What their best games are Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds? I'll pass everyday.

I have an iPod Touch and it only gets played when I'm not at home.

Plus, I've never played hours at a time on my iPod. The games aren't that exciting to play.

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