iPad 3: Not A “Real” Gaming Device?

PopHerald writes: 'Apple believes that gamers will love iPad 3, but not all “geeks” are convinced.'

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LackTrue4K2442d ago

no, and was not really made to be either....

Waddy1012442d ago

Yet Tim Cook claims that all 'Real' Gamers prefer the iPad as there favourite gaming device? The BS that Apple come out with sometimes really does astound me.
I prefer my Xbox/PS3 to an iPad for gaming anyday, hell even a Wii is better than an iPad for gaming.

TopDudeMan2442d ago

Could not have put it any better myself.

FrankDrebin2442d ago

It is most definitely a real gaming device.....but, it isn't traditional. It's multipurpose. Sony, MS, Nintendo would kill for the same level of sales!

GraveLord2442d ago

The iPad is not a gaming device. It is a portable tablet computer. Apple considers games as Apps. This is why Games don't have their own section in their store.

MySwordIsHeavenly2442d ago

Can we PLEASE stop it with the elitist attitudes, here? It's getting even more ridiculous than the console war. Most game developers are going for what their audience will like. On consoles, you have games like Halo, Uncharted, Metroid, etc. that are geared toward gamers who like to take time out of their day to play through a story with solid gameplay. Overall a memorable experience, correct?

However, the more casual audience wants games they can pick up and play for just a few minutes at a Cut The Rope, Angry Birds, Cover Orange, etc.

There will always be cross-over, however. Dead Space (An actual FULL port of the original game) is available on iOS and Android. So is GTAIII. You can also do OnLive on tablets and phones. The Xperia Play is perfect for it. You can even connect a DualShock 3 to a tablet/phone via bluetooth for even more "hardcore" gaming.

There are casual games available for consoles also...but you get the point.

It is a gaming device in the most traditional sense of the word. Are "hardcore" gamers picking up the new iPad because of Angry Birds: Space? Absolutely not. But they may pick it up for other uses in their typing on the go (bluetooth keyboard), playing casual games when they have a break at work, etc.

We don't need to make this a "casual" vs. "hardcore" thing. Most people like both...they just don't know it yet.

That's one of the reasons I bought a Vita. I can just hit the power button in the middle of a game (sleep mode), pick it back up no matter where I am, and continue what I was doing for however long I want to do it...without losing any battery life. I'm aware of the 3DS's sleep function, as well. I'm just saying Vita because I bought one.

So, no. You don't have to hate a device just because some people claim it's a "hardcore gaming device" when, in all reality, it's just got a hand-full of good "hardcore" titles. Don't be elitists. It's weird...

rebirthofcaos2442d ago

if apple gets a real console, they will become a cancer for the rest imaging them suing every company with patents since that all they do.

2442d ago
Summons752442d ago

that it's just common sense that it is not. It isn't a computer either, it's just there

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