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Rumor:Microsoft's "Metal Gear" for the 360

It seems absolutely impossible to notice that Microsoft is unfazed by Metal Gear Solid 4, the titan of all games released during the year on the PS3. Splinter Cell: Conviction might not be powerful enough to scratch our beloved Solid Snake, so Microsoft has decided to bring something as brilliant as the game on the 360.Word has it that the company is in collaboration with a highly talented studio that can give their 360 something way better than Snake. (Xbox 360)
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InMyOpinion  +   2836d ago
Maybe this is a first glance of what MS has in store for ´08.
godofthunder10  +   2836d ago
i belive this story because just like the ps3 it was said that the 360 isn't even using all of its power yet.
as for people saying that Hideo Kojima is the greatest game developer in the world and that no one can make a game like he does is just bias,hell mgs4 is about the only big game that he every made and i've seen games that's a lot better then mgs4.i don't care if they are a game developer,movie director or a tv producer they will always have some one better then they are because they have movies that's directed by a nobody and the movie was better then some of the movies that the greates movie directors evey made.that's the way it always been and it will never change.no mater how good some one is they will have some one that's better then they are no mater what they do and that's a fact.
hell PStriple703 is saying that he's not suprised because microsoft is never orginal because they are making a game like mgs4,well sony isn't either because mgs4 didn't start on the ps systems,they started on the nintendo system,so by the way it looks he though that mgs started on the ps systems,well i guess that he fells like an ass to find out that it didn't and his post just made sony look bad to saying that microsoft isn't original because they are making a game like mgs4 because it's on the ps3 but sony didn't make mgs either like i said, it was a nintendo game so by his on words sony isn't original either because they didn't make metal gear either.
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PStriple703  +   2836d ago
How does it feel to have to write a novel just for a post, oh wait you only have 1 bubble that why....lmao grow up kid
playinitcool  +   2836d ago
@ godofthunder10
by the time i finished reading your comment i entirely forgot what this article was about >.<
gEnKiE  +   2836d ago
ya, ok....thats like saying Killzone is going to be Halo....it isn't going to happen.
Hatchetforce  +   2836d ago
Remember when Black was shown behind closed doors and they talked about how it would be the end all, be all of first person shooters? They called it gun porn. Look how the finished product turned out. When people start hyping something unproven from day one then be prepared to hit bottom.

MGS4 has a history. A wonderful, thrilling, adventurous history with game mechanics and a system that has been refined over numerous games. This article is clutching at straws. Creating a title to kill or challenge another game isn't going to end well.
moses  +   2836d ago
what are you talking about 1.5?
Black was a really good game, and yes, at that time It blew everyone other fps out of the water.
Hatchetforce  +   2836d ago
No, it only blew the people getting previews behind closed doors out of the water.


Percentages ranging from the 60s to the 80s. That isn't blowing people out of the water. It was railed against so thoroughly when released developer Alex Ward went on a tirade mocking gamers and telling people they didn't know what good gaming was. He was laughed at for his ridiculous antics. People didn't jump up and down over the game and he was angry. No Black didn't outclass all other shooters at that time. Interesting but minimal story, no Multiplayer, too many other issues.
actas123  +   2836d ago
Woo, Woo Woo,
wait a minute, Black was way underscored. That game is better than Halo one and two combined. and gamehatespot gave them a 7.4 (IGN score was 8.8). Black in my opinion is the best first person shooter on any last gen console. In my book it compares to God of War in game play and graphics.. Please don't talk down about it if you have not played it.. I thought Black was even better than MGS2..
lewdvig  +   2836d ago
Oh my GOD! MS is going to come out with a game for the 360!!!!


Some the crap that gets posted here boggles the mind.
Genki  +   2836d ago
Hatchet makes a good point,
take a look at Two Worlds as another example. The same folks that were saying it was supposed to dwarf Oblivion ended up disliking the game and tearing it to shreds.

That's the state of our tabloid gaming press these days. Hype generates hits, and we all love to see stuff go down in flames...
Timesplitter14  +   2836d ago
Yeah and maybe it's an overhyped rumor on an overhyped tech demo
The Killer  +   2836d ago
sorry but u r forgetting something!
MGS franchise doesnt belong to sony or nintendo! it belongs to konami and the series so the day light in the sony consoles not nintendo! just to correct ur info!
Texas GMR  +   2836d ago
This story is BS.
Come on people. "According to sources.." This is worst than a forum post. Let's wait for evidence or news fact, not BS.
mikeslemonade  +   2836d ago
No this is just hype. PGR4 used 95% of the 360's power. Halo 3 was only 640p. This game in 08 will not look better than PS3 games. It will look better than anything before Uncharted. But Killzone 2, FFXIII, and MGS4 won't be touched. If the happens to look better it will be because game is on rails or the game is going to be slow and small like Gears.
FirstknighT  +   2836d ago
That's right!
With 2008 just a few days away, I think it's about time for Microsoft to finally reveal their cards. Not like sony when they were already jumping ship in mid 2007 by revealing their full 2008 lineup.
Zhuk   2836d ago | Spam
sfinXters  +   2836d ago
An MS machine manufactured by Sony.
Ri0tSquad  +   2836d ago
What happened ZHUK?
"I wonder by how many millions this new IP will outsell MGS4"

I thought you said MGS4 is coming out on your beloved Xbox 360?

"While MGS4 is eventually coming to Xbox 360 because Konami knows its the only way they will make any money"


"I wonder by how many millions this new IP will outsell MGS4"

Wow it doesn't surprise me someone as blind as you has put so much faith into a rumor. No surprises here. And on top of that you expect a new IP which does'nt even exist to outsell millions more then MGS4 (which would be on 2 systems according to you).
The Brave 1  +   2836d ago
Yo knight,who said sony announced their full 2008 line up idiot.
MikeGdaGod  +   2836d ago
yes '08 is right around the corner
and so is MGS4 for the 360................

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IntelligentAj  +   2836d ago
Do you guys have any proof of what you're saying or do you just speak without thought? Where have you all seen anything that says MGS4 is coming to the 360? And how is it that you bash "sonykids" when they say how good a new ip will sell but then you do the same? Damn kids...use some reason.
sonarus  +   2836d ago
nothing new here. Just typical mgs4 to 360 rumors. If mgs4 isnt done by kojima i can pretty much guarantee its gonna flop. Maybe not in sales cus its mgs and i knw xbots are desperate to just get their hands on it but in overall quality. MGS4 was never about graphics it was about gameplay and i doubt they can match it. I can see they are already considering turning it into an fps...typical useless msoft thinking.

Anyway i think its fake the whole rumor just sounds fake "Word has it that the company is in collaboration with a highly talented studio that can give their 360 something way better than Snake." All that apparently from a tech demo... i think msoft has a better chance of getting an mgs4 port on the 360 than a new mgs4 ip. Then it apparently achieves visuals previously unseen by consoles and its gonna be in the mgs universe lol. Common. If it does happens it really depends on how they play it. MGS4 should be out by summer and they should just be startng dev on this new game that means 2009 earliest in other words far too late for it to impact mgs4 sales. And true mgs fans probably won't touch fps mgs's especially ones not made by kojuma. At times like this it kinda makes me glad i havnt sold my 360 yet. Its best msoft shows and proves cus i shall be selling it soon
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JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2836d ago
There are winners and there are losers and...
then there are dreamers. The PS3rd is filled with the losers and dreamers. Here Droids is your prize, enjoy :D

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Statix  +   2836d ago
Meh, I doubt this'd match MGS4. Few movie directors, let alone hack videogame directors, have the artistic and cinematic vision of Hideo Kojima. That's something you can't replicate just buy spending more moolah.
Genuine  +   2836d ago
I have to disagree. I find the MGS games to have overly clumsy gameplay, and stories that are borderline garbage. I think that unless Konami has done something about the fixed camera, targeting, and overall clumsy hand to hand combat, I believe alot of people will be let down. The stories imo are just plain weird and a little too 4th grade level for me. Another thing that needs work is the localisation. Every MGS game that I have played, I couldn't help but think, this is an obvious attempt of a Japanese dev trying to make a Western- Japanese game.
socsca  +   2836d ago
Clumsy gameplay? No, not really, I like the MGS gameplay, its great. Garbage stories? Yes absolutely, about as predictable and boring as they come (so far!! MGS4 looks to have a more interesting story with the mercenaries stuff). I guess those who appreciate Days of our lifes-type stories (Ohhh, He's your evil twin out to destroy you. No Wait! Clone! ) might find it interesting, but for the rest its just annoying melodramatic stuff that keeps you from murdering dudes snake-style.
giovonni  +   2836d ago
I would have to agree with you on a few things, but kind of disagree with you on some of the control aspects of the game. The controls were B+ which is great for a game like Metal Gear the hand to hand combat was always lacking in Metal gear, which I think was caused by dev's to give it a more of a stealth feel.
Now I do agree that the story is a bit fourth grade G.I. Joe-ish. Which kill's it for me. Plus, they recycle a lot of characters that need not be mentioned any more. This is why I've always enjoyed Splinter Cells stories. It draws me in very easy because the missions that sam are placed on are much easier to comprehend, with out leaving you to wonder, " What the hell Just Happpend?!"
Don't get me wrong I like Metal Gear, and to find a game of it's caliber with out being a complete rip off is hard, but can be done. The question is, will it be accepted?
The_Engineer  +   2836d ago
yeah because
the thought of four guys fighting a legion of underground rats with guns is the epitome of storytelling.....*rolls eyes* xbots are a plague on intelligent society.
peksi  +   2836d ago
Stop hyping, we want gaming footage!
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Genuine  +   2836d ago
I think that the MGS were decent titles when compared to most ps2 games. I believe that when it hits the next-gen though alot of it's gameplay will seem dated, that is unless some of the issues I posted are addressed. From what I've seen though everything looks the same. The story looks to be as convaluted as ever, and too strangely homo-erotic and perverted for most young people. I haven't heard much about the localisation, but imo this is what will decide alot of opinions on the game. Lips not moving in sync and mediocre voice acting matter to some people.
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giovonni  +   2836d ago
I totally understand, that's why after the 2nd one I stopped playing. It does need a over haul. something new. I agree.
playinitcool  +   2836d ago
@ genuine

"I think that the MGS were decent titles when compared to most ps2 games"

i think thats a pretty bold statement to make, seen as that you've never played MGS4. I mean thats like sayin GOW was only good whilst compared to ps2 games, and the 3rd wont live up to next gen "standard" :S
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Black Rose  +   2836d ago
WOW if you think there will be a better game with better story and better characters from a different developer then you all my friends have been Brain Washed lol
Fragking28  +   2836d ago
Your wrong
question so r u saying that there is noone that will be able to create a universe to surpass the mgs saga then u my frien r brain washed. Im an extreme metal gear fan but to say that that is pretty much it for creativity and imagination in this business is absurd.
Black Rose  +   2836d ago
there is games already trying to be MGS yet fail really bad and there will be more in the future because that is the effect of competition. the need to be a master piece as MGS is, has been around for quite some time now.

Kojima is a very talented video game developer and I only wish he grabbed a pen and starts writing movies lol

Silenced is Golden!
Fragking28  +   2836d ago
Uhh ohh
From what ive read and heard about games microsoft is keeping under wraps until 08 it looks like next year is going to be very intersting for gamers.
Ri0tSquad  +   2836d ago
Haha....good luck.
M$ bringing a MGS4 killer to the 360 is not happening in 2008. Quote me on it.


EA showed us that very possible.

Skate > Tony Hawk.

And both of those games came on the Xbox 360 and PS3.
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Genuine  +   2836d ago
I believe refering to a game as a "___ Killer" is a fanboy comment. There is no such thing as a "MGS killer", "Halo killer", "Mario killer", or "WOW killer". When a dev makes a new game, they aren't looking to "kill" anything. They are looking to establish a game on it's own merits.
PimpHandHappy  +   2836d ago
is just playing a roll

kinda like a heel in the WWE

please stop responding to his post because thats all he wants. He wants someone to talk with him because he is the saddest of the sad 360gagboys
Genuine  +   2836d ago
I saw what you tried to do there. I'm not Zhuk though. I think Zhuk is probably one of a kind. But don't start crying and get depressed, atleast you tried.
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Zhuk   2836d ago | Spam
gaffyh  +   2836d ago
This story is so misleading, I thought it meant that Hideo was going to make a Metal Gear exclusively for 360. But this story is talking about a game that will compete with MGS4 on PS3, not even a Metal Gear, a copy.

MGS is good because it is unique, great story, movie-like script, great voice actors, great music. I doubt anything Microsoft try will match it.
MADGameR  +   2836d ago
Yeah NES did have Metal Gear first but
The series is MOST known and became popular in PlayStation. MGS series was meant to be BIG on the PlayStation family! It fits best on the PS family controller. I can't see it on the X Box 360. This BS was just posted to try to worry the PS3 fans. This is just desperation from 360 fanboys.
predator  +   2836d ago
some promises in that article, lets hope.
xunderx  +   2836d ago
never! not possible
unless there gonna plan on using 4 or more dvd9 discs.
BloodySinner  +   2836d ago
Noodlecup  +   2836d ago
Sounds terrible, Microsoft have pretty much stolen every idea they've ever had by someone else, unfortunately Metal Gear cannot be stolen by some generic sounding tosh which will no doubt be a military squad based shooter, and the 360 hasn't had any of those yet right?
jaja1434  +   2836d ago
So a company wanting to make a great game sounds terrible?
Nicosia  +   2836d ago
Hideo Kojima = god of story telling!

Seeing how MGS has been on new ip's, they might be on to something. But first we gotta see tha goods :) I think in the beginning of 2008 we will hear a lot of rumours floating around about new games, i bet 50% might be true.

This might be a little off-topic: is ms like closing a 100 deals a day? first the 500 mil contract then the 300 mil contract..what are they planning.
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Genuine  +   2836d ago
"Hideo Kojima = god of story telling!"

I can't agree with that whatsoever. His stories are written on a 3rd or 4th grade level, and are not put together very well. I've let farts before that made better sense than the stories that Kojima comes up with. God of storytelling he isn't.
Vip3r  +   2836d ago
I bet it's an FPS.
Zhuk  +   2836d ago
I hope Kojima goes back to games like Snatcher and Policenauts after MGS4, it would be great if he made Snatcher for Xbox 360
Ri0tSquad  +   2836d ago
Only for the 360 tho
Because it provides gamers with new and exciting IPs that push the limits and boundaries blah blah blah.

This guy needs to see a psychiatrist.
Laexerias  +   2836d ago
So true lol
And woho, on which "MS Machine" was Metal Gear?
Noodlecup  +   2836d ago
Oh dear
This Zhuk guy is embarrassing to read, I don't think he leaves his computer much with those sore-ridden fat flaps of skin he calls his ankles.
PStriple703  +   2836d ago
not suprised microsoft is never orginal
Guwapo77  +   2836d ago
The problem I have with this story is that it states "The studio has managed to pull off visuals that were previously thought to be next to impossible on the Xbox 360 and is suppose to look better than any PS3 game that has been shown or is available on the platform exclusively till date."

1. First and foremost, this studio was never known for creating the best graphics in any game they've made. They excel in storyline and gameplay.

2. To say it will look better than anything current or future game on the PS3 at this time is something that can never be confirmed. Because a game shown in it's alpha or beta stages isn't what it will look like once its released.

3. I believe this is only trying to start a fanboy flamefest by luring folks into the post with Metal Gear Solid going to X360 when it has nothing to do with the IP then say it'll be better than...say that once it is released.

Ok...I'm done for now.
Silver360  +   2836d ago
The name of the studio is not mentioned in the article
So how can you say the studio is not known for its graphics?
ThaGeNeCySt  +   2836d ago
I think he's referring to MGS, not the unnamed studio.
Silver360  +   2836d ago
I guess
It is just that the article doesn't state that it is an internal studio either. In the end it just tells us that there are some kickazz graphics and no details. There is nothing here to criticize. It is just a rumor. No facts here at all.
Liquid Ocelot  +   2836d ago
#19 (Edited 2836d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
IHATEGOD  +   2836d ago
Who cares
The series and the story line have gone down ever since MGS2. The PS3 can keep this boring single player game. MGS hasn't added any new gameplay elements in a while, oh wait I forgot you can hide in a cardboard box, who cares. Crap Game, Crap Series.
Zhuk  +   2836d ago
I agree friend MGS2 was a HUGE disappointmet, especially considering the quality of Kojima's previous releases. MGS3 was a little better, but the original MGS will always be the BEST, I consider it to be the pinnacle of PlayStation gaming to this day
Laexerias  +   2836d ago
the MSX where Metal Gear was born is a Japan Creation they got just help from Microsoft JPN, so please.. Why dont u Sh*t up and stop believing in ur Sh!t Box 360 because its just a damned console for egoshooter and nothing more.
Chaos Striker  +   2836d ago
Crap comment and thus you must have a brain full of crap. I don't know what game you have been playing, but to me the series has evolved and will most likely offer new gameplay in MGS4 based on the videos and demo. Of course, you would reject any notion of this to satisfy your meaningless conclusion.
Bullseye  +   2836d ago
There's no reason
at all why MS can't come up with something to match MGS4.That doesn't however, diminish the quality that is MGS4. I think the suggestion that they will 'give the 360 something way better than solid snake'is probably a bit OTT, but we'll see. Besides, i can't help thinking MS won't be particulary concerned with MSG4 anyway.The way i see it, for all it's hardcore following and what promises to be a graphical feast,MGS4 is still relatively speaking,a niche game when compared to the likes of Halo or GT.It will undoubtedly impress and sell well,but it's not gonna move millions of PS3's, at least not in the US or most of Europe.MGS4 is essentially a Japanese inspired game with Japanese inspired characters and 'BOSSES' and while that may sit well with Japanese gamers and hardcore followers, it's not what the US and UK market prefer these days.
Noodlecup  +   2836d ago
When you think about it, if they're in talks of whether it'll be first or third person you've got to wonder if there's any MGS-style stealth involved at all. So what is this MS? another first person shooter we saw 10 years ago on PC?

An xbox 360 owner had this to say about Metal Gear Solid 4:

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zPlayer  +   2836d ago
man i love roomers like this cause they'll never come true.
TheXgamerLive  +   2836d ago
It's rumors, not roomers.
Saint Sony  +   2836d ago
Hype hype hype. More games for 360 is always nice, but I would not worry about 1 title for PS3... and in the end MSG4 might turn out to be MSG4 killer by itself.
TheXgamerLive  +   2836d ago
Here's the one thing/reason that I hope MGS4 doesn't come to the Xbox 360.
I hate and I do mean HATE all the hrs. of video in game, I mean it's soooo boring and hell you could go shower and come back and the sh1t's still going on. If I wanted to watch a movie, I'd do just that, watch a friggin movie.

people try to refer to the game as being so incredible, so Cinematic, well the gameplay is just ok, it's an 8.0 at best, it's the cinematics that make it different and some love it for that, but I don't. I play games to play games.
#25 (Edited 2836d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Skerj  +   2836d ago
You don't like storylines and exposition in games?
TheXgamerLive  +   2836d ago
I love good story lines, I hate hours and hours of mindless video.
The MGS series is known for this waste of space.
Skerj  +   2836d ago
Nah MG actually makes good use of the cutscenes, something awesome is revealed or shown in each one. Now the Xenosaga series, THAT shows the misuse of cutscenes. There's one every 15 mins that lasts for like 4-8 mins with dull voice acting and more often than not it's pointless.
MikeGdaGod  +   2836d ago
&quot;I hate and I do mean HATE all the hrs. of video in game&quot;
well thats one thing you won't have to worry about because all those "hours" of HD video won't fit on dvd anyway.

no worries!
Skerj  +   2836d ago
My interest is piqued, I wonder what it is. I just hope it has a better storyline than Splinter Cell does.
TheXgamerLive  +   2836d ago
The splinter cell series has a fantastic story line behind it.
They only fell a bit short in there last epic in double agent.

Splinter Cell:Conviction looks to of hit the nail on the head again though. I'm really looking forward to how they worked this one through.
Elginer  +   2836d ago
While I think
no other game can be Metal Gear, because let's face it -- Metal Gear has a history. It would be refreshing to see something new. It would be nice to see something stealth action that can continue the action of games like MGS. After all Kojima say's this is the last MGS, gamers need something.
PStriple703  +   2836d ago
good point
but MS said this is going to be the last halo....i hope you didn't believe them, i dout this will be the last MGS
TheXgamerLive  +   2836d ago
They didn't say that this would be the last MGS game!!
This is only the last "Solid Snake" game.

The MGS series will continue, and I'm guessing it will be on the MS Xbox 360 platform only.

Makes sence. Dollars and sence big time.
#27.2 (Edited 2836d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Regret  +   2836d ago
With Snake, Metal Gears will be burried.
Daytona  +   2836d ago
Nope, I guess you haven't been reading what Hideo has been saying, have you?
Snake isn't the only character.
PStriple703  +   2836d ago
Can't, just can't come out with a game that will match the sytle and gameplay of MGS4, they can try and fail
BloodySinner  +   2836d ago
That reminds us of the PlayStation Network. It's there to try and compete with Xbox Live, yet it fails on so many levels.

Then again, this story is only a rumor, so no need to wet your panties.
#28.1 (Edited 2836d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
PStriple703  +   2836d ago
So Home,Free Online Play,And a web broswer, and free downloadable themes....are coping XBL?
Elginer  +   2836d ago
lately LIVE has been pure @ss, it's been having lots of problems...and yet I pay for it. So whatever...at least PSN is free and it hardly ever has problems.
Vojkan  +   2836d ago
THIS IS "RUMOR" YOU IDIOTS! Why is everyone talking like it is 100% certain that this is true. I say that this is lie. Rumors like "one guy saww it and he said it looks better than anything seen on PS3 to date" sounds like flame bait and fanboyism.
I can spread same rumor "hey one guy at Nintendo (no i cant tell you who it is) told me that there is a game on Wii that looks better than Crysis, trust me on this one)
WAR_MACHINE77  +   2836d ago
thank god someone else sees how retarded this is. If they won't give any proof then this is BS of the highest calibur.
Fragking28  +   2836d ago
Listen Up
It's funny how the Playstation Fanboys always claimed there would be a game to rival halo which never yet happened by the way but when someone says somthing about the Mgs series being rivaled its supposed to be impossible. Lets put it like this to all the playstation fanboys the last game that came close to a rivalry with the mgs series was the Splinter cell series though it didnt start up a genre like mgs did it sure as hell perfected the stealth and every other aspect of the game was great from story line to visuals to gameplay ( by the way selling millions in the process). My question to u playstation fanboys is why cant this new ip whatever its is great or not ( cause no matter what any of us say we dont know squat about the game) be a great game moving consoles like Mgs. Sh**t it might as well be just as good cause there is no killer to Mgs or Halo.
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