MotorStorm: RC Review

From the depths of Vita’s launch window comes MotorStorm RC, a new addition to the MotorStorm Series, offering its intense and accessible nature to owners of Sony’s latest handheld. Does it however, stack up to its console big brothers? And an even bigger question; does it really need to?

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Hallow2443d ago

Hard to control, putting a Motorstorm title on this game is unsuitable in my opinion, glad it was free, had I paid $10 for this game I would've been pissed. It's not impressive at all for a vita game, looks like all the RC games you find on the iPhone.

Kurisu2443d ago

Agreed. I am in the UK so there is no free offer, but I downloaded the demo last night. After a few minutes play I knew that this game wasn't for me.