Sony Shows Off Impressive Cardless Vita AR Tech

Leading up to the PS Vita's launch, Sony repeatedly reiterated the importance of augmented reality for their platform and how it set the system apart from mobiles and the 3DS. Unfortunately, when it finally did come out last month, the AR games were fiddly, glitchy and generally required cards that are easy to lose. - GR

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Snookies122473d ago

It's pretty dang cool, can't wait to see what they're going to do with it in the future!

Vitalogy2473d ago

Hope sony actually does something out of it because having to carry around the AR cards, which are huge by the way, is a pain XD I'll keep a track on this one.

dbjj120882473d ago

OK, that's pretty cool, but there are some crazy restrictions I think.

catfrog2473d ago

definitely a few restrictions, but this is definitely a huge step forward for this kind of medium, generally you dont have this much computing power in a case that you can carry around with you, the only other thing that ic an think of that can do this (effectively) would be laptops, and those are way too awkward to get anything done with.

definitely pushing the capabilities of the vita though. very difficult to render on the fly, probably much more difficult when you have to make sure none of your animations go through any physical walls. its already difficult enough to make 3d mappings of environments, animating on top of those 3d mappings much take a lot of computing power.

pretty interesting software, i wonder if it'll be released with the ps suite development software. probably not, im getting my hopes up here

Sev2473d ago

It would be funny if you could AR shit onto people's faces. Say you don't like someone, so you AR a big dong on their face.

catfrog2473d ago

lol, if you could zoom in close enough on their face, you definitely could. it needs enough data points to make sure it doesnt render below their actual face though. oh, and they probably wouldnt be able to move while you were having your vita take a dump on their face lol

specialguest2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

Damn it! This AR tech on the Vita has massive potential. Someone needs to develop a horror game for the Vita using the AR. Imagine an AR Vita version of Fatal Frame. If done right, it would be awesome.

Does anyone remember the movie House on Haunted Hills? There's a scene where one of the female character explores the former surgery level with her video camera. The display on her video cam shows surgeons operating on someone, yet looking away from the display, she sees nothing. Anyway, this reminds me of AR on the Vita.

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