Mass Effect 3 Review [Gaming Survival]

Mass Effect 3 has so much weight in expectations on its shoulders. Leading up to this point,the previous games have done their job in cultivating a rabid but harsh fan base. Everyone has their own opinion on what BioWare should be doing with their most iconic franchise and just like any other great piece of entertaining fiction,it simply will not please everyone. Like Mass Effect 2 to the original,it takes a different approach in design that will no doubt have fans in an uproar. Despite not doing a great job of pulling newcomers in,players who have completed the previous games will likely find Mass Effect 3 to be a rewarding experience. - John Porch

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FutureTechnologies2468d ago

Excellent review! Finally someone that doesn't overrated the hell out of it without justification whatsoever.


I agree.
The 10/10 circus is bizarre,I personally feel an 8/10 is also a bit high but somewhat more genuine and agreeable.

Romano2468d ago

At last an honest and balanced review. I remember the days when it was very tough to get 10/10, but these days they are given out like confetti. ME3 is decent but it is just another dumbed down and ultimately shallow shooter typical of the gaming industry these days.