Amazon & EA Are Giving Away a Free Game To Previous Mass Effect 3 PC Buyers

GR's DeShaun Zollicoffer writes:

I picked up the PC version (digital) of Mass Effect 3 through, but I couldn’t install it through Origin. Now, I'm no quitter--so instead of giving up I unzipped the game, and then manually moved the files into a newly created Mass Effect 3 folder. Anyway, to make up for this blunder Amazon and EA are offering anyone who purchased the digital version of ME3 a free game.

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Intentions2445d ago

ooo Dragon age: origins for me.

tmoss7262445d ago

Have all the games, but definitely a nice gesture, and all awesome choices.

Intentions2445d ago

Yeah I'm only missing DA:Origins out of the choices. xD

Soldierone2445d ago

I only have one question, why does every article regarding Mass Effect have to have a picture of Miranda wearing a "skimpy" shirt?

Intentions2445d ago

That isn't Miranda. It is some reporter person.

I guess it is one of the first images to show up on google and/or it is the same person who submit these articles.

pr0digyZA2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Thats jessica chobot from ign in the picture.and when I checked all 5 or 6 articles to here they all had shepard in the picture?

DeeZee2445d ago

It's actually my picture, I took it from the game. I just wanted a picture for the post, and this was the first one I found.

SKUD2445d ago

How dare you confuse Miranda with whatever the hell that thing is in that picture!. Blasphemy!

Soldierone2445d ago

My bad got the two confused lol, either way its a girl as a picture. I'm mostly talking about the articles that get hot, not just random ones that get submitted.