The Legend of Zelda’s Eastern/Western Cultural Barrier

ZD writes: The Legend of Zelda series has captured the hearts and minds of fans across the world regardless of language and culture. However, there are a great many aspects of the series that remain misunderstood to many fans outside of Japan. Many things found in the games are completely lost on western fans. The original Legend of Zelda was a new experience for players to immerse themselves in, a fantasy world based upon western fantasy allegory with all the traditional elements like dungeons, dragons, and fairies. The inspirations of the series are obvious to most casual players, but to the more observant there are many things throughout the games that make little to no sense. Some players were left asking themselves why did a character look a certain way or what was the significance to the design of a dungeon. It is no surprise that Japanese developers would create a game for Japanese audiences and, of course, if and when that game got shipped to North America, many things would be lost in translation. Nintendo is, after all, a Japanese company that produces games for a Japanese audience. We have just had the good fortune of having many of these great titles translated and released here in the west as well.

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The problem with the west is that they don`t understand art and they can`t create life-like charismatic characters either it`s meant to look "real" or cartoonish in video-games.