Tech-Gaming | Street Fighter X Tekken Review

Street Fighter X Tekken is a deep, solid brawler that I can imagine we’ll be seeing more of in the tournament circuit. In classic Capcom form, the combat is easy to pick up, but will take a lifetime to master.

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CharmingMan2445d ago

Gratuitous buttcheeks FTW!

RaptorMan2445d ago

I played a crap-ton this week. Really good fighter that's far more SF than Tekken.

deserteaglexix2445d ago

That only makes me a little sad.

vortis2445d ago

It's supposed to be, though. Remember this is Capcom's take on Namco's fighters.

The next game, Tekken X Street Fighter will be Namco's take on Capcom's fighters. Given that the Tekken engine doesn't rely on projectiles I'm very curious to know how that will work.

Also, I can't wait to pair up Sagat with Bryan (assuming Bryan won't be on-disc premium DLC in Tekken X Street Fighter).

sharpsword2445d ago

Cammie is spinning her head like the Exorcist girl. That's not sexy.

mediastudies2445d ago

Depends what you're into! hehe

Great game, I'm so glad Capcom didn't disappoint. This one was worth the wait. I just wish they didn't play the DLC game with us.

ScytheX32445d ago

well theres alot of bugs that are very disappointing, sound dropping, some latency issues, patchable things, more serious problems on 360 version with the inability to play online with 2 ppl on same console, something ps3 can do.

madmad2445d ago

This is a tag-team fighter right? Still need to pick up UMvC3.

Hufandpuf2445d ago

I'm loving the game so far, there are a few glaring glitches and bugs but I'm sure they will be ironed out soon. And the DLC is a cheap tactic but I'm only playing to buy a few characters considering the pricing.