Warface: Yeah, it's Actually Called Warface - IGN

What happens when you take Crysis 2, dip it in a boiling vat of Team Fortress 2, then wrap the whole thing in Modern Warfare 3? You get some potentially delicious new free to play shooter called Warface.

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gypsygib2470d ago

I swear I read "Whoreface: Yeah, it's actually called Whoreface - IGN"

I was SO intrigued.

ninjahunter2470d ago

Now theres a day 1 purchase haaha

tachy0n2470d ago

this game is so awesome, people on YouTube are calling it "battlefield 2142: modern warfare 3" and many other names involved with battlefield 2142 and modern warfare 3.

the best of all is that it uses cryengine 3!!!!

ninjahunter2470d ago

Crytek sure is playing with my heart.
Crysis -Love
Crysis warhead- love more
Crysis 2 -Huge disapointment
Warface -looks cool

I want to hate them for throwing away crysis, but they keep slapping me in the face with potential.

ATi_Elite2470d ago

Did you forget FarCry = Love!

Warface looks good and seems that Crytek has finally made a solid MP game!