ME 3 Gamers Reporting Issues with Pre-Order Bonus Codes

Mass Effect 3 launched just a few days back, but there have been some slip-ups with pre-order bonus codes.

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BlackjackCF2441d ago

Only a little bit of an understatement...

bfenty2441d ago

There's been a few errors apparently with pre-orders gone wrong...

Agent_00_Revan2441d ago

Yea like the retailers overselling preorders (everyone), not shipping to meet release delivery or just not shipping in general (Amazon), copies being dented and damaged from shipping (Amazon and others).

gamingdroid2441d ago

I pre-ordered from Origin store for the AT Shotgun on Xbox 360. I got nothing, turns out it was PC only, but EA forgot to tell their customers until after they sold me the game!

Talk about slap in the face from EA. It reminded me why I avoid EA like the plague. Damn you Mass Effect for being sooo freaking good!