Recent Survey Says Wii Dominates Living Room and More

Some interesting results on; cross-platform gaming, the most popular living room consoles, preferred handheld devices and more.

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BootHammer2269d ago dominates what exactly? It hasn't been exactly known for pumping out high caliber releases lately ;) The Wii U can't come soon enough IMO.

MrMister2269d ago

Really? And what exactly is the Wii-u doing to guarantee that things are different? (Not a troll comment--I just want someone to really, honestly answer that)

GraveLord2269d ago

It will get great 3rd party support(at least for the first few years)

brish2269d ago

The wii-u has a number of improvements over the wii.

The graphics of the wii were way below the xbox, and ps3 which meant a lot of games couldn't be ported to the wii. The wii-u has vastly improved graphics.

More memory. The wii doesn't have enough memory to run complex titles. The wii-u (if the rumors are correct) has more memory than the xbox, or ps3.

The controller on the wii worked for a lot of casual games but a lot of hardcore games didn't work well. The wii-u has dual analog sticks which are standard on other platforms.

Better online. The wii's online is awful. The wii-u is getting improved online which will be good for online games. This will attract more hardcore gamers.

Better storage. The wii doesn't have enough storage to handle things like patches, downloadable content, digital purchases of games of any significant size, etc. The wii-u can.

The problem with the wii is the specs were so low that a lot of games couldn't be ported to it. You will never see Mass Effect, Deus Ex, Red Dead Redemption, etc on the wii because it's simply not possible for the console to run games like those.

The expectations of gamers, and game developers have changed since the wii was introduced. A lot of game developers ignore the wii because "it's not good enough for real games". A lot of gamers ignore the wii because it can't run the games they want to play.

From what I've read about the wii-u Nintendo is trying to create a product that can run hardcore games that will still appeal to the casual gamer.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2269d ago

Really? The worlds top selling game console this generation is in more living rooms than any other? What are the odds...

DeadIIIRed2269d ago

I found correlation of households with a Nintendo DS with households with Apple iOS devices to be more interesting than the title. Partnering with Apple might be a good move for Nintendo, but that is just my opinion.

MrMister2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

I been saying that a partnership with Apple is a great move for years now! They have similar core audiences (casuals, women, etc) yet both have hardcore followings of fans and epic icons (Mayamoto, Reggie and Steve Jobs (RIP)). Plus nintendo borrowed heavily from the business model and the actual physical design of apple's products (even the Wii-U controller influenced by the I-Pad).

A partnership, not a merger, would be great--like you said.

live2play2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

"borrowed heavily from ipad"
hahahaha xD wow not sure if serious
the WiiU controller "borrows heavely" from the nintendo DS
DS existed way before ipdad

nintendo likes the second screen idea that they created for the DS line of products. thats why now the wiiu has a controller with a screen, which is just a big lower DS half

i hope you were trolling and not actually believe that

MrMister2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Yeah whatever, but you make it seem like I insulted Nintendo. You even had to give me a thumbs down over an imagined slight. Get a life. And if the idea for the Wii-u is 100% just from the DS--Then WHY doesnt nintendo just use the 3ds as a hybrid controller instead of making a giant one like the wii-u's (which will cost about AS much as a 3ds, not offer 3d support, offers NOT one more capability that the 3Ds doesn't already offer, plus cannot work if too far from Wii-u (but yet the 3ds is a portable so it can be taken anywhere)? Wouldn't that have made more sense to use the 3DS (which would boost sales for both console and portable)? So if the DS/3DS was SO on Nintendo's mind while creating the "innovative" Wii-U's controller pad, then WHY did they not think of using it AS the Wii-U's controller. Because obviously they didn't have the 3ds in mind when designing the Wii-U's controller.

It may be that they were inspired by something else. And all clues point to the I-pad. Even Nintendo's use of 'i' in Wii and Mii are clearly inspired by Apple and it's focus on the self (hence the "I" for self, as in me, myself, I), but nintendo made it about groups (Hence Wii sounds like "We"). If you don't see a correlation between the I-pad (which I don't think is a bad connection or an insulting one to make) and the Wii-U's controller, then your a blind, fanboy fool.

I'm a business and Game development major. We study stuff like this meticulously. Oh, but I'm sure YOUR the one who's right because you have just as much evidence as I have for my case (whether right or wrong)...Oh wait, no you don't.

live2play2269d ago

they even borrowed the i from apple? wow.... i hope you get a refund for your game and business major classes
why not use the 3ds as a controller for wiiu? oh maybe because not everyone will own a 3ds and a wiiu. THEY WANT A 1 TO 1 attachment rate, and nintendo DID discuss using the 3ds as a controller
if you are seriously suggesting they just use the 3ds as a controller and not make a new one (ALIENATING people who dont have a 3ds from playing a wiiu game)you need to attend more classes and study more

and the wiiu controller will cost as much as a 3ds? are you taking psychic classes too that you can see the future? because the wiiu price and controller HAVE NOT been released

Intentions2269d ago

Heh... and I thought kids stopped playing with their "Wii" when they grow up... ha ha.

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