Mass Effect Infiltrator First Impressions

First Impressions of Mass Effect Infiltrator the iOS, iPhone, iPad game that released alongside Mass Effect 3.

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explicitd2445d ago

They should pack in a download code for this with the collectors edition of ME3

gamingdroid2444d ago

They probably don't probably because this is iOS exclusive at the moment.

The_Nameless_One2444d ago

I bought it and the game keeps crashing on me. Money well spent. From what little I played the game has clunky controllers at best. Wait for a price drop or just don't bother.

Norad62444d ago

Kinda pissed that there's a Mass Effect game out there that I can't play. Is there a ipad emulator out there for PC so I can play this?

Norad62444d ago

ever hear of blocked/censored websites that are unsearchable?

The_Nameless_One2444d ago

Are you that lazy? ohh well. Ipad sims are clunky and extremely limited as to what they can run. you are better off buying one then spending countless hours trying to have a game with clunky controls (at best) then to spend countless hours trying to have a shitty ipad sim running on your PC.