Battlefield 3's rendering architect details his dream specs for the next generation of consoles

Joystiq: "During the Game Developer's Choice awards, DICE took home the prize of "Best Technology" for its Frostbite 2 engine. After accepting the award on behalf of his team, we asked DICE rendering architect Johan Andersson what the next generation of consoles would need to include for Frostbite 2 to work 'perfectly and as intended on high-end PCs.' To Andersson, the answer is "pretty easy to answer."

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Conzul2443d ago

Yeah. Next-Gen consoles have no excuse to have less than 8GB of memory. Hell, maybe even 16GB, given how cheap the stuff is.

As for the processor, well - Ps4 seems to be going with AMD. I'm not worried.

JsonHenry2443d ago

8 gigs would be awesome. But I wouldn't hold my breath for more than 6. And that is if they wanna be generous.

Solid_Snake372443d ago

We will get no more than 6 gigs. They have to keep costs down man

JsonHenry2443d ago

When 8gigs cost (wholesale) around $17 I'm not too worried about cost..

Solid_Snake372443d ago

Yes, but i doubt they are going to use generic pc memory

KittyKat2443d ago

By not using memory modules already soldered onto a PCB meant to fit into a PC slot it would be even cheaper. And of course they are going use generic PC memory. With the exception of the PS3 (even though RAMBUS ram IS PC memory of a sorts) all consoles have used "generic" PC RAM.

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Skate-AK2443d ago

If we get 8 gigs ill be so happy.

ninjahunter2443d ago

That awkward moment when next gen consoles will cost as much as an equivilant PC.

ThatHappyGamer2443d ago

and that Awesome moment when I don't need to upgrade for another 8 years but still play with all the eye candies.

2443d ago
jalen2472443d ago

PS4 needs to have 8 GB of Memory for games...and separate memory to run OS features...

PlayStations always have powerful I am not worried about CPU...

I think Sony will be smarter about their GPU choice next gen

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