Top 5 Greatest Square Enix Games

Japanese Publisher/Developer Square have been around for many years producing some quality products. Here's five of the best the company has to offer.

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Sanetoshi2445d ago

Vagrant Story's ending twist really is jawdropping. Worth playing the game for that alone.

CarlitoBrigante2445d ago

These are SquareSOFT games, not SquareENIX games, back when SquareSOFT and ENIX were rivals.

To say SquareSOFT is SE is insulting to the glory and magic of the original Square.

Army_of_Darkness2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Shit list. It should have been( random order)...

chrono cross
chrono trigger
parasite eve 2
secret of mana

Damn, over 5...

Canary2445d ago

Sad, but true. Both Square and Enix were great developers back in the day, and produced tons of top-tier games. Square-Enix has yet to produce ONE decent game, yet still manage to retain the reputation of the old company because of their name.

It's pathetic.

RaidensRising2445d ago

Parasite Eve is a great choice and a game that needs to either be remade, or a new game for PS3 and/or Xbox.

Where's Deus Ex? That game is awesome.

MrMister2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Deus Ex is awesome, but Square had no part in making it. They only published it. Next Deus Ex could end up with another publisher for all we know (doubt it though since it made square so much money). But the franchise is not owned by square and was around way before Square published DE: Human Evolution. The developers (Eidos) own it.

Capt-FuzzyPants2445d ago

Yea but doesnt square own Eidos?

KeybladeMaster2445d ago

And Square Enix own Eidos. Ergo Square Enix owns the Deus Ex IP.

MrMister2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Dude I looked it up, and I'll admit--Eidos/Crystal dynamics not only became a subsidiary of Square Enix, but bent-over and just handed their IP's to Square-Enix. WTF?! At least keep Tomb Raider and Deus Ex--those series have been around before Square even touched them (over a decade), and now Square can keep them even if Eidos decides to leaves -_-

Also: Gimme bubbles so I can stay in this discussion, please...

PirateThom2444d ago

@MistaDonzie... I don't think you understand how these take overs work... Eidos is OWNED by Square Enix, they can't leave. They're being reset up as Square Enix Europe anyway.

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ian722444d ago

Deus Ex (1st one) is my all time favourite game. I have Invisible War and Human Revolution, but the first is the one I enjoyed the most.

Megaman_nerd2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

FFX over FFVI, VII or IX is just pure nonsense. And on top of that, best soundtrack? No.

And where's Xenogears anyway? No list of Square games can be complete without it!

Sanetoshi2445d ago

Counterpoint: FFX does not have the ATB meter. As such, its combat does not punish you for taking the time to think and its attack animations do not punish you due to some arbitrary timed element. The sphere grid is a well-executed and fun leveling system. You're able to switch party members out at will. There's an incentive to use a variety of party members due to the different skills each character has. (In contrast with VII, where you can blow through the game with very little deviation from a "main" party of three with no real penalty or frustration for having done so.) Plus, as the list says, it has a great soundtrack. To Zanarkand, Otherworld, all the variations of the Song of Prayer, the battle theme for Seymour... Even if you don't necessarily think it's The Best, the game has a *lot* going for it, and it shouldn't be hard to see why someone would consider it the best.

Snookies122445d ago

The title should be... Top Five Square "SOFT" games... Square Enix did not make any of these. Just thought I'd point that out lol.

Infernostew2445d ago

No Xenogears!?!?! For shame!

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