Killing in Assassin's Creed III will start within '30 seconds' of playing

Assassin's Creed III is going to throw you right into the action, revealed the game's creative director Alex Hutchinson.

"Within 30 seconds of putting the disc in the tray, you'll be assassinating someone," Hutchinson said at GDC.

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DudeJets2324d ago

*puts disc in tray*

*Girlfriend walks in demands you to take her shopping*

*Beat her to a bloody pulp and hide the body*

*stare at the loading screen*

Or have they removed the need to load the game?

BlmThug2324d ago

And you need to take a f***ing joke

TextualBeef2323d ago

@BlmThug, you're a big retard aren't you..

hay2324d ago

But how will you play with only one hand?

user77927882323d ago

Im gonna hold you to that one ubi!

Hellsvacancy2323d ago

I bet its true, itll be a QTE in a video "push X" and thatll be it till the game starts

brettyd2323d ago

Nice Im a gamer so I love violence and killing.

ginsunuva2323d ago

It'll probably start with the ending final assassination and flashback to the story leading up to it.