Mobile Gaming - Will Hardcore Gamers Ever Truly Embrace it?

For every addictive title such as Angry Birds, there’s a mobile monstrosity such as Battlefield 3 Aftershock. The levels of quality control is debatable, with rip-offs and questionable games flooding the market on a continual basis. Having to wade through the trash just to find a half decent time-waster is as frustrating as it is disappointing. And then there’s the longevity of each title, not to mention the controls.

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MultiConsoleGamer2442d ago

It doesn't matter if they do or not. The marketing is moving ahead without them.

And I say this being someone who used to self-apply the label "hardcore." But that was back when I still believed in labels.

LOGICWINS2442d ago

Exactly. Hardcore gamers aren't the intended audience for mobile games..therefore their opinion on mobile games are of little value. It's like an alcoholic complaining about the lack of booze at a 6 year olds birthday party. Your purposely setting yourself up for dissapointment.

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brettyd2442d ago

Mobile gaming is a last resort. No one will ever play a phone game when there is the option of a console or a portable. I only play phone games when im bored and theres nothing else to do. Its a stupid argument and i wish it would die.

and playing games on Ipads or tablets is not fun or immersive at all. Not having buttons ruins everything.

Ravenor2442d ago

Games designed within the constraints of the touch screen controls (IE they don't use digital analog sticks and buttons) can be amazing.

brettyd2442d ago

I've never seen anything close to amazing on a mobile device.

Ravenor2442d ago

Depends on what you're looking for, which is where this debate gets so muddy. You aren't ever going to play something like Uncharted or Crysis or Gears on your phone. Not only in a visual sense, but comfort and controls while playing. I can't stress enough how I'm not arguing this.

If all you want is a platform where you can quickly just play a game (One which is designed for touch and not a game designed for a controller but released on a touch device.) then mobile devices are fine. Especially when most games are in the neighbourhood of 0.99 cents.

Like it's a common sense thing, don't buy The Sims 3 for example on a mobile device. That's not going to be more fun or engaging then the PC or console version. Don't buy Dead Space 2, don't buy any FPS etc etc.

demon312442d ago

a hardcore gamer never gonna embrace any of the mobile gaming devices. is too damn costly if you compare to a console, handheld or PC gaming.

Ravenor2442d ago

An Android phone can be had for 0 dollars on contract, I got my HTC Desire Z (Canadian, it's the G2 in the states.) for nothing, and when I'm on my way to work it makes for the PERFECT device to play something quickly.

So maybe you shouldn't make such broad sweeping statements, I also don't think you really can define "Hardcore Gamer".

Zachmo1822442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

See keyword was contract you're signing away your soul for 2 years at a rate of 90 bucks a month.. So yea in the long run its expensive. Yea you can buy an android phone outright but that'll cost you about 500 bucks!!

So maybe you shouldn't make such broad sweeping statements.

demon312442d ago

so a free smartphone aka mobile gaming device paying $59.99 monthly for 2 years that cost about $1,439.76 vs a $300 gaming console plus taxes and a few games... I don,t know but I would never pay that kind of money for a "free smartphone"

MrMister2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

@ Ravenor: You know, I hate when people try to get so technical to the point that they think they can tell people that something cannot be defined. Who cares? It's still clear to an ACTUAL hardcore gamer what Hardcore gaming really is. Even if he can't describe it "well enough" to satisfy your legalistic standards.

Real recognizes real.

LOGICWINS2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

@zachmo- U make it seem like signing a cell phone contract iz a death sentence. Newsflash..most people in modernized countries are under a cell phone contract, which leads me to believe thats its pretty damn affordable, even in this economy. Yes, a smartphone is more expensive in the long run than a portable gaming console...but you ignore the REASONING for the added cost. Having a working cell phone or paid communications device is a virtual neccesity these days. The added cost of a monthly smartphone plan is also offset by the fact that smartphone games are a fraction of the price of 3DS/Vita games. I like how u ignore analyzing the situation from ALL perspectives.

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Ravenor2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Who said I was paying 90 dollars a month? Who said what I pay monthly is too damn costly for me? If it's not to costly for me, it's not too costly for a lot of people. It all depends on whether you're in the game of splitting hairs and perpetuating the idea that there is a difference between someone who enjoys smartphone games and someone who doesn't.


You only use your phone for games? It has more uses then one. Man you're just like the idiots who post the price of consoles vs PC's like it means the same thing.

demon312442d ago

well first of all nobody said you paid $90 a month, second I was talking about the cost because each time a smartphone or a tablet comes out a week later another new smartphone and tablet comes out with better performance and I see it like a disposable technology and third and final I didn't say you are a idiot or stupid for paying for something, so next time you talk about me, talk with respect because we aren't 12 year old boy to start talking like that.

Ravenor2442d ago

It's like every discussion involving smart phone games forgets the fact that the games simply are not meant to be played the same way that a game is on the more defined gaming handhelds.

I've been gaming my whole life, my first cellphone didn't have a screen on it beyond the number being displayed like an alarm clock. I embrace my phone when I'm on the subway because I quickly and easily want to jump in and play something fast. My PSP has some horrendous load times in some games and just doesn't lend itself as well to the 5-10 minute games of Bejeweled (I used to play Bejeweled on the Genesis, hush yourselves) on my phone.

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