Which Is The Best Final Fantasy? All of Them!

Plenty of JRPG fans have wasted hours debating this question, each making his or her own case for which of Square Enix's ubiquitous roleplaying games is the cream of the crop. It's a stale conversation that always comes down to a matter of personal opinion. No matter how reasoned or passionate your argument, you're never going to convince people to change their minds about their favorite games. And what would even be the point? There's no objective answer, and there doesn't need to be.

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jc485732468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

lol, when he got to the 2 MMOs. Sigh...repeating the same mistake with DQX. They should learn something from Sega when it comes to naming their games.

Ranma12467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

Everything after FF10 are below the epic standards of FF games of FF10 and those before it.

The standards they dont meet is the story department. All the ones after FF10 had poor stories for an FF game. FF13 also had bat sh*t gameplay

Larry L2467d ago

Final Fantasies have had lame stories before. I honestly don't think that's something exclusive to post-10 FFs. 5 and 8 come instantly to mind.

I think the only reason FF fans have been displeased with the series since 10 is due to really the only thing that's changed.......the gameplay. I'm not sure why Square felt they needed to so radically change the FF gameplay formula the way they have. They've turned it into another game and just kept the name.

I hoping Square will maybe see the light when FFX HD is released and has like triple the sales of 13 or 13-2 that FF fans want their FF turn based and maybe by today's standards a bit casual, but that's what we want.

Any gamer, no matter how casual or hardcore, even someone who is clueless about games really, could always pick up any FF (1-10), play it, enjoy it and pretty much get through the whole game. A casual gamer couldn't pick up and get through 12 or 13, no way. I've played every FF and I couldn't get through 13. It's like Madden since like 2005....they just over-complicated the games for no good reason other than to just change it for the sake of changing it.

The series proper has nearly lost it's identity at this point. I'm praying FFX HD gets the series back on track with all these young guys over there working on a masterpiece of the series. They'll see exactly what a great Final Fantasy is all about. They need to simplify.

Anyway, my favorite FFs are
pretty much in that order, but they're all great. Love em all equally.

MTEC82467d ago

FF Tatics is the best IMO. I've also lost months of my life to FF8.

catfrog2467d ago

tactics is my favorite also, 8 is probably my favorite of the main series, i enjoy the story :)

catfrog2467d ago

i think they did learn something from final fantasy 11 (their first online game) and are trying to apply it to dragon quest. final fantasy 11 is SE's most profitable investment ever, theyre definitely not going to change the way they do things after it was shown to them that they can make a lot of money by doing it the way they have been.

Jirachi2468d ago

Yeah I don't like them trying to claim every ff game is on the same level that's an isult to the really really good games like 6(my favorite) and 8(my favorite of the ps1 games)-10 and 12(my favorite 3d ff game)

Look at final fantasy 3 that game was so terrible(imo) the only saving grace to it was it induced jobs to the seris.

Megaman_nerd2467d ago

agree, FFIII was and it still is a terrible game. That DS remake, OMG. What a waste of time and money. =|

sashimi2467d ago

Its kind of hard to choose one when there are so many good ones -_-

bozebo2467d ago

6,7 8 or 10... or all 4.

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