RipTen Review: Journey (PSN)

Journey is nothing short of a wonderful, memorable experience. It’s something that you’ll only ever come across once a game generation.

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PaladinXII2445d ago

10/10. Wow. Guess I should add some dollahs to my Wallet.

BlackjackCF2445d ago

Yup. You don't see RipTen giving out ten's everyday!

Emessai2445d ago

Dammit Cat, you're going to make me get out my PS3 just to play this game aren't you? Fiiiiine...

GribbleGrunger2445d ago

this could very well become my first ever PSN game... now just let me finish Uncharted Golden Abyss

NukaCola2444d ago


Flower is a must man.

GribbleGrunger2444d ago

well, i was going to get flower but then i watched a friend play all the way through it. stupid, i know, but i didn't really want to play it then because the reason i play games is to explore and discover.

but yes, Flower is definitely up there

Vagrant2445d ago

Great review, Catherine :)

Kakihara2445d ago

Dammit, I really wanted to wait until I had more money and less distraction but I might just have to get this game now. This really was a good review, rather than getting bogged down in the mechanics of the thing it really expressed (what I imagine) it actually feels like to play this game. That's a rare thing these days, so many reviews take you step-by-step through every mechanic, every technical flaw and every technical triumph of the game without giving you any idea how the thing actually affected them as a human being.

Azurite2445d ago

Did my fifth run today.
Good replayability, the first game which's made me want to collect all trophies available, only the "return after 1 week's hiatus" left.

BlackjackCF2445d ago

I feel like TGC might've put that trophy there just to taunt gamers who keep wanting to revisit their game.

Hicken2445d ago

It's the same thing they put in Flower, the Welcome Back trophy. I think that taking a break from games, but also coming back to them is one of the things tgc would like for people to do.

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