Metal Gear Solid HD PS Vita screens

Here’s a new batch of Metal Gear Solid HD screens for PS Vita. As you would expect they look a lot like MGS only a bit smaller. A Metal Gear Solid HD Vita trailer also came out earlier to day revealing some of the new touchscreen controls, and the cloud save tech that lets you play between PS3 and PS Vita.

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ninjahunter2446d ago

Cool :) I think this would be worth the money since i never owned a PS2 or PS3.

stevenhiggster2446d ago

Now we need the Jak HD trilogy on Vita! Please.

josephayal2446d ago

We need Alan Wake Dual Pack HD for Ps vita

SneeringImperialist2446d ago

Looks like a day one buy for me MGS3 on the go will be sweet :)

STK0262446d ago

Is the Zone of the enders collection also coming to the Vita?