IGN: Ridge Racer Vita Review

I'm a big Ridge Racer fan. When I race fast cars around tracks, I like to do so sideways and with pumping Japanese techno screaming into my ears. Ridge Racer 3D was a highlight of an otherwise very uninspiring launch line-up for the 3DS, and following series tradition, Ridge Racer on Vita should have been a shiny show-pony for the new console's technical abilities. What it is, though, is a cut-price rush-job that struggles to offer the content and value of a demo. The fundamentals of Ridge Racer are there – the drift-heavy handling model, looping courses designed for speed and spectacle, the cool soundtrack and slick presentation – but there's barely any game in here, just a framework.

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Cloudberry2441d ago

An English version of Tales of Innocence R is much better than this.

Sithlord-Gamble2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

This is why i dont read IGN reviews.

U consistently give bad reviews for vita games in the past, even when they were better than u stated (compared to other websites and my own personal experience with said games).

Seems to me that the mechanics and gameplay were good, but ur issue was the lack of content.
I admit, content IS important and should b reflected, but where is the credit for solid gameplay?

When i read a review, i read it to find out what the game was graded on based on what is IN the game and how it works, not whats NOT in the game.

I could see a 6/7 out of 10 based on missing content with good gameplay but a 3?

Just seems a little ridiculous.

I have no intention of buying this game until it has more to offer, but i also wouldnt score-rape it bc of said lack of content either. I wouldve been a little more fair than that ... and not rated based on a childish revenge rant.