US PSN store now open to all

An electronics supplier in the US seems to have found a way to make the PlayStation Store available to users around the globe through online sales, something oversea PlayStation 3, PSP and moreover PSVita owners will profit from.

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Rhythmattic2446d ago

It would be good for me to buy cheaper DLC for my games.... Like UC3 treasure hunter for approx 50% cheaper than the OZ store..

But a big NO, bloody regionalised DLC.

Smashbro292446d ago

You could weigh the costs of importing the USA version vs paying more for DLC down the line..

RoyaleWC2446d ago

Importing US version would also be cheaper than buying the game in Australia, just have to wait for delivery.

Rhythmattic2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

I buy all my games from oz game shop.... Its based in the UK so major titles on release are around $60 Oz dollars (or less).... Plus being classed as the same EU/ PAL region, all local DLC works...

Another reason is I remember when MW2 came out, people that imported from the states, the version would always connect to US lobbys first, and not AU...

A reason I dont want to import from the US. Just in case....

yoshiroaka2445d ago

Well shit, if this isnt something Sony wants then... doing an article about this might be a sure way to get it shut down.

I wonder if people buying from outside the US was the reason Amazon stopped selling psn codes :/

Imma buy some quick before it gets pulled.

jessupj2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

I'm a sony fan but that's one thing I absolutely HATE about the PSN.

The Australian and US dollar is at parity right now, yet the Aussie store is always at least 25% more for the exact same content, and in most cases it's 50% more.

Absolutely disgusting, and I have refused to by a single piece of DLC this gen because of it.

Maybe this will change my mind.

tarbis2446d ago

All region of PSN should be open to all. That way those who have western and asian psn can access JP psn and vice versa. Sony can profit from this big time.

knifefight2446d ago

But my Vita can still only sign into one at a time, lest I reset the system and swap memory cards =/

(If I understand that system correctly)

novcze2446d ago

I bought lot of stuff on US PSN Store before they blocked non-US credit cards. Now I'm forced to buy overpriced stuff on my local PSN store (at least we have one). As outcome I don't buy as many things I would buy on US Store.
Funny thing is that I received message over PSN from PS team, stating I didn't add founds in long time to my (US) account, encouraging to do so.

mastemikegee2445d ago

I still buy stuff from the US store. It's easy. Just buy a PSN card from here

you get the code sent to you within minutes. You may receive a phone call the first time to verify authentication.

Also, there is a discount scheme too. Enjoy!

kamruk2445d ago

not sure if bad marketing or friendly tip

Chrono2445d ago

It's quite overpriced. There are a lot of other sites that offer codes cheaper than that.

mastemikegee2443d ago

Thanks for the info. That was the first site I had found and I now benefit from the 3.5% discount. Which websites should I check? (PM me)

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