GT GDC 2012: DUST 514 Gameplay and Video Interview

Dive into the battlefield with DUST 514 and see how this free to play shooter influences players of EVE Online.

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morganfell2444d ago

I was in Eve Online this morning and so much of that community is looking forward to this. It adds such a dimension for those players as well and changes the dynamics for gathering planetary resources.

DigitalRaptor2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

That's nice to hear. I heard some initial frustrations from the EVE/PC community due to the fact that this wasn't on PC.

As long as PC players realise that it needs to be on a separate platform for both audiences to grow in their own ways, and PS3 players understand how this connectivity works and push it as far as possible, I think there's a ton of potential with the inter-connectivity.

Very excited for this, and the fact that it's F2P is icing on the cake!

Virtual_Reality2444d ago

There is a reason why CCP confirmed full compatibility with Mouse and Keyboard on PS3.

Probably CCP will port it to PC later.

mafiahajeri2444d ago

The guy in the begining if the vid looks like that guy in the girl with the dragon tatto. The guy that had unpeakable things happen to him :O

younglj012443d ago

Wow Dust 514 is better then I thought.Glad too see some gameplay finally...