DLC News Causes Kerfuffle Among Uncharted Fans

Following a recent announcement from Naughty Dog regarding its latest content update for Uncharted 3, we ask whether consumers have been misled by the original Fortune Hunters' Club promotion.

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Jobesy2446d ago

I'll just say this, anyone who pays a large sum of money in advance for unknown dlc is a fool. They will not get my sympathy if they end up feeling ripped off.

rezzah2446d ago

The consumers are at fault because they made assumptions.

They got what they paid for, unknown DLC. This is why I never bought the deal, because there was no information of quality for what you would receive.

Farsendor12446d ago

its like paying for a mystery package i wouldn't have fallen for it

InTheLab2446d ago

If Naughty Dog is screwing over fans, gaming must coming to an end. I expect this s*** from the CoD devs, but never in a million years did I think ND would charge me for maps I already own in UC2 and for a few cosmetic makeovers. Fortune Hunters Club is a total ripoff.

So disappointed with ND. Two rehashed map packs 3 months later...

It's bad enough there's not a ton of people playing online as is. This s*** will scare off the rest so I'll be stuck in a group with a bunch of people speaking Spanish /facepalm

geddesmond2446d ago

Well I did buy the DLC without knowing what it contained and I am at fault for having higher expectations from ND but its a very valuable lesson I learned from this and I'll never buy DLC I know nothing about again.

The fact that its only 3 MP map packs and 1 co op map pack isn't what annoyed me. Its the fact that all the maps are just remakes. Imagine Activision did that with COD. The COD crowd would go nuts. Ah well ND have also learned a valuable lesson from this because they have lost many fans over this DLC.

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