VGChartz Gap Charts, February 2012 Update

PS3 continued closing the gap over February, by over 100,000 units. Due to adjustments the gap still remains above the 3 million mark, but with One Piece in Japan boosting PS3 hardware, and it being a 5 week month, the gap should fall below that mark by April. Unless we see any price cuts or other methods of intervention, expect the gap to close by roughly 100,000 units a month up until the fall.

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lover20122472d ago

well every system is doing great and that's what matter to me as a gamer

OmegaSaiyanX2472d ago

All systems are doing very well but the sad thing is we are gonna have to go through all this again when the next Xbox and PS4 comes out *sigh* another 5+ years of flaming and arguing instead of just enjoying gaming...