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Table Football (AR Game) Review - TGH

"When you think of Table Football you probably imagine those little plastic men tethered together at the arm, who are cruelly spun around whilst they attempt to ‘kick’ a ball that is horrendously oversized in comparison to themselves. Some people know Table Football as Foosball, but either way Table Football for PS Vita isn’t quite like that torture chamber for plastic footballers. Instead it takes its name from the fact you can play it on any surface at any time, and so it’s just really bad wordplay" (PS Vita, Table Football) 2/5

Dantheman1  +   1053d ago
this is the worst AR game i have ever played if you want good AR games get a 3DS
NukaCola  +   1053d ago
You are liar.
Starfox811  +   1050d ago
It is pretty bad but its not awful by any means. The other two that are on offer with the Vita are excellent, much better than those that the 3DS offers. I don't touch my 3DS at all anymore - except when a game comes in to be reviewed - yet I'm enjoying the Fireworks and Cliff Diver games to no end on my Vita.

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