The Xbox 720 Will Have A Disc Tray

Late last night a rumor started floating around that the next Xbox would not have a disc drive. Instead, games would be digitally downloaded, or would be available on a solid state interchangeable card/drive. I was about a minute from posting the rumor, when I sat back and thoroughly thought about this idea for a minute. The idea of the Next Xbox not having any disc tray is absolutely ridiculous.

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Whore_Mouth2445d ago

I'm copy pasta from a similar story I commented on, for a second time.

I agree.
If Xbox were to go all digital, I predict a possibility of at least these two outcomes.

1) Sony, Nintendo, and any speculated console (sans Valve's rumored "Steam Box") would dominate the market by continuing to offer the hard copies of games. I predict that these companies would be given the edge in a market that may not be ready for such a shift in how we obtain our products.

2) Microsoft could be expecting to see the price in game manufacturing increase, as is the norm in console iterations. MS could be deciding that by offering a digital copy over a hard copy that they can keep the price down in their favor. Given that by the continuing pattern of inflation, we would be looking at games starting at $75-$85 per disc. This would bring their sales down substantially.

This is also not taking into account that discs cannot hold that much data, by today's standards."

gamernova2445d ago

The steam box isn't happening. Heard it directly from valve. I stopped reading after that.

Whore_Mouth2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Hence "rumored" and "speculated".

Also, cool story, bro.

da_2pacalypse2444d ago

the world is not ready for a fully digital console yet. Specially in Canada. A lot of people I know have a crappy download limit (I don't), that would limit the amount of games they could buy. That's bad for business. In addition, I don't see why I would do that when I just get my digital releases on steam? and steam is free...

inveni02444d ago

Yeah, my Internet provider in the US just recently announced usage caps, so I won't be downloading any large files any more (the limit is a measly 250GB...I use double that every month...they want to double my bill). Digital download games is no longer something I'm willing to pay for because they can wind up putting me over the cap at $10/50GB. And actually, most providers have a cap in place, they just don't exercise it because so few people go over (check your terms of service for the fair use policy). But with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Vudu, etc. becoming more popular, the addition of millions of people downloading an additional 50-100GB for games is going to create a fight between the service providers and the content providers. We're hitting a wall here, and it's all the stupid providers' fault.

snipermk02444d ago

BREAKING NEWS: The Xbox 720 will have.... buttons! /s

Joe29112444d ago

The world isn't ready for all digital downloads. I'm in the UK, I'm a student and I can't afford top notch super fast broadband, while my connection is just good enough for online gaming, downloading a 4 GB file can take 12 hours. So I'd hate to think how long a game would take.

trancefreak2444d ago

The rate these consoles are releasing half of us will be dead and gone by the time the Xbox 1080 is out Or PS5

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gatormatt802445d ago

It won't have a disc tray... But it will have a disc drive. If u understand the difference.

Sheikh Yerbouti2444d ago

Yeah, I was thinking an actual tray that slides out like my old ass computer as opposed as a slot with a drive that swallows my disc like my PS3.

I said to myself, 'What? the XBox is going even more bare bones. What's next, only wired controllers? LOL!'

SilentNegotiator2444d ago

Lowest common denominator. Without physical media, you lose access to a MASSIVE audience.

Next-generation consoles will have physical media, the generation after that probably will, and I think even the generation after that.

I'm not waiting for the phone companies to finish their multi-billion dollar campaign to get the best wires everywhere and poorer countries (but still decent markets for games) won't get it for a longer time. Cable doesn't provide good enough either.

FrankDrebin2444d ago

How the hello does anyone know what the new systems will have.
Another CRAP article from a CRAP site!

dragunrising2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

I think a lot of people might have overlooked a possible motivation for a disc-less Xbox Next/720...

Cable box integration. I think it would be near sighted if this were the only option, however, imagine if there were two versions: disc based(full priced)console and a heavily subsidized and disc free cable box offered through your cable company. Before you write it off, hear out my argument :-)

Taking over the living room has been a key motivator for Microsoft for some time now- they even acknowledge this goal publicly. The most recent dashboard interface, to be frank, is very media and app centric. This integration with TV and media isn't a conincidence as it aligns with the afforementioned goal. If this development were to continue, what's to stop cable companies to integrate Xbox Next as a cable box replacement? With AT&T U-verse you can already use a xbox 360 as a secondary set-top box.

The motivation of Microsoft to turn Xbox into a set-top box goes further- they're able to subsidize consoles just like phones are subsidized for cell phone providers. This in turn allows them to potentially put an Xbox in just about every home with a cable box, increasing market penetration and potential audience. This arraignment could prove lucretive to cable/service providers as well. Rather than buying a game through retail, games could be made available through your cable company instead. This makes sense considering cable companies would take a slice of a game sale instead of brick and mortar retail- essentially taking over their role in game distribution. If Microsoft hasn't considered this possibility I would be very surprised considering they're history and current happenings with the xbox 360 and its media centric focus. Anyone agree/disagree?

gamingdroid2444d ago

I agree, I think this would be an excellent idea.

However, there is no reason why MS wouldn't release a disc based version in addition, force every game released on the next Xbox to have a digital release as well.

This means, if you want disc based system it is available, if you don't care... well discless Xbox might come in a cable box near you.

dragunrising2439d ago

I'm convinced that Microsoft will also release a disc based console. They would miss out on a huge potential audience if they didn't give people choice.

I honestly feel that if Microsoft and Sony don't adapt to a digital world, services like OnLive and Gaikai (and *gasp* Apple) will take over. That would be a very sad.

nirwanda2444d ago

Going all digital doesnt mean no store presents ms has already started selling download codes at most shops and stores would prefer it as it takes up less space and wouldnt be stuck with any left over stock if they sold cards like apple and ms points

SignifiedSix2444d ago

I really wouldn't mind all digital. I have a 30MB connection and a 550GB cap/month. Not bad. I love charter internet!

But, thinking of the people that have a not so good internet connection and no internet at all, that would be crap to them. So, NO! Keep the disc tray.
MS would ruin themselves if they did that anyways.

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IM_KINECTED2445d ago

Obviously it'll have a disk tray, there is still 30+ million people who own Xbox 360's who don't even use internet access for the console.

A lot of people have download cap limits, like myself.

I think all the companies learned from the PSP GO, offer Digital Download as an option, but don't force it on people.

fatboyfsx2445d ago

Yep. I am surprised so many people think a "digital only gaming age" is right around the corner.

There are tons of people that do not have high speed internet at their homes, as well as what IM_KINECTED said, lots of people have download caps and many people still don't even have internet access at home.

We are a ways away from a digi-download-only era. Discs are going to be around a long time, they will continue to do online passes or other tricks to get money back from the used games market.

Rageanitus2444d ago

well the isp's are slowly increasing the bandwidth limit.

the psp dd is not so bad since the games are not that big.

As for the vita it was good they with the dual route.... cheaper for dd and the option to use the physical media.

Legion2444d ago

Some people will just speculate about stupid stuff. We all know that it will have a disk tray.

r1sh122444d ago

Its like saying the next xbox wont have a USB slot.
I mean even though discs are becoming used less in media like films, tv shows etc (Due to streaming).
Gaming is different, some people rely on discs for gaming.
The reason why digital gaming will be slow to start is because of internet usage.
Not many people will have a high enough internet speed to cope with gaming via the cloud.

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Intentions2445d ago

This is from the first story that i commented on:

"Really, this isn't true at all. Why would Microsoft not include a disk drive as stated numerous times above there will be no backward compatible games from the 360.

The reason why they wouldn't implement a next disk drive is Halo 4...its coming out this year (fall), this would be a very bad move for Microsoft as everyone knows Halo is a console seller and one of most played games on Xbox live.

If they don't include a disk drive then they will be losing a lot of potential customers (new and old) and will possibly mark the end of the Xbox brand.

So i call BS on this rumor."

nirwanda2444d ago

Ms have all your account details on all the games you have played ms could very easly give you any physical media back, and you already own a360 to play your original games anyway

R1CAN6172445d ago

Key word Most! Not all kids
have no access to credit/debt cards so id get the all digital console that way i dont have to deal with there crap online that & itd be great to purchase games right away with competitive pricing hopefully acourse.

nirwanda2444d ago

The same was apple sells music to the kids with point/itunes cards.