Mass Effect 3 Glitches Are Outright Bizarre & Hilarious

GR - "Mass Effect 3 is finally out, and despite complaints to the quality of the demo, the game itself is easily the best game BioWare has ever made, to date. The game manages to enthrall players with its gripping, and uniquely emotional narrative populated by a cast of characters with whom some players have even fallen in love with over the years. Mass Effect 3 offers the perfect end to Commander Shepard's trilogy, which began in 2007."

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banjadude2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

whoops, ignore post, please..

Fylus2442d ago

Is that Barack Obama?

In that picture?


The Great Melon2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

It's appears to be an alteration of the Yao Ming face meme.

Hassassin2442d ago

internet that not forgive mistakes apparently

CommonSense2442d ago

I have found a bunch, even captured a couple...

banjadude2443d ago

lol, at least you guys CAN play. I couldn't even register my game on PS3 till yesterday. Don't get me started about registered on Bioware's website... argggg

Godmars2902443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

The UE3 was used with this right? The "prefect" game engine which is now over five years old? The one everyone really had no choice but to use because this whole console generation wasn't started early?

Raf1k12443d ago

Yep that's right. One of the things I really don't like about this particular engine is how everything ends up with a sort of plastic looking surface though Bioware have done a pretty good job of hiding it.
Also, the smoke effect from smoke grenades is very last gen and really should be using a particle system of some sort for it. I think that the UE3 lends itself best to games with dark colour themes like Gears and Batman.

joydestroy2443d ago

actually, it's a modified version of UE3 if i remember correctly.

#2 is pretty crazy. it's just boundary coding missing in some parts.

The_Nameless_One2443d ago

"...the game itself is easily the best game BioWare has ever made, to date"

And that's where I stopped reading. Don't get me wrong, ME3 is a good game, but saying it's the best game Bioware made to date is plain out wrong, wrong, wrong.

Raf1k12443d ago

I agree. I've played for about 2 hours now and don't think it's quite as good as ME2. The first hour or so was extremely linear and anyone who hadn't played a ME game before would think it was just a third person shooter with dialogue choices.

Captain Qwark 92443d ago

interesting view becuase while great, me2 was just another tps. it had a few more choices in dialogue, ill give you that but beyond that it was walk form point a to b shooting everything in between. there was no point in using powers becuase the guns were way more effective and there were only a few, limited armor and character customization.

for me3 they added armor customization, more guns plus mods to those, made the levels vertical as well, talent tress, and created many more enemy types with specific weaknesses and made abilities worth using again. seems to me like me3 is much less like a typical tps than me2 and imo a much better game!

The_Nameless_One2443d ago

My problem is that they say it's the best Bioware game to date. It's not. ME3 story is plain out DAO: The Space Edition.

For this game to be the best Bioware made to date it must beat games like, the Baldur's Gate series, Neverwinter Nights, KOTOR, DAO, and it's own Mass Effect 1. Sorry but that's not going to happen.

Captain Qwark 92443d ago


idk its up there though. i still like dragon age origins or knights of the old republic the most, tied for first. but then its followed by a tie from me1 and me3.

but i disagree with raf completely, its def a better game than me2 imo. you cant please em all though, for as many me's as they made happy there are prob just as many raf's they dissapointed

Raf1k12442d ago

What I said was down to my experience with the game in the first two hours since that was all I had played at the time. Now that I've played a few more the game is growing on me slowly but hasn't hooked me in like ME2.

It's been streamlined a little more than ME2 making it even more difficult to call it an RPG and I really don't like the new map style. Also, you can't choose a particular quest to follow with markers and such which is kind of annoying.

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susanto12282442d ago

Have to agree here even Dragon Age 1 is better than Mass Efect 3 way better

Gamer-Z2442d ago

"...the game itself is easily the best game BioWare has ever made, to date"

That is quite the exaggerated statement

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