BmR Editorial: XBOX720 and PS4 Consoles To Revive PC Video Games Electronic video games became a trillion dollar industry once they made the leap from quarter-gobbling cabinets to console and later PC. Home entertainment turned into a business dominated by the desktop PC platform for decades, but once seventh-generation Sony PlayStation and Microsoft XBOX gaming consoles debuted the market share quickly dimenished. Now many years later, modern mobile devices such as SmartPhones and UltraBooks are poised to grab the market away from what little remains of the competition. As fate would have it, PC gaming could be revived as a direct result of updated gaming console platforms such as the XBOX 720 and PlayStation 4.

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vortis2441d ago

PC is already being revived...a lot of indie devs are blossoming thanks to Steam (still haven't seen much effort on EA's part to promote the indie community on Origin outside of games they publish) and a lot of tools have become cheap enough so that we can experience high quality games like Hard Reset and Dear Esther at a fraction of the cost of standard console titles.

More than anything, if the 720 and PS4 continue down the trend of abusing and misusing consumers I could easily see people moving back to PC as well.

T9002441d ago

I 100% agree.

Personally i feel Consoles this gen have abused the consumer base pretty much. Lets start with afew pointers:

Pay to go online (this is a joke)

Content being stripped out of games to be sold as DLC, its happening in many games now.

Consoles charge 10-20usd more per game at launch vs PC versions.

Delayed patches vs PC versions

No user freedom. There used to be a time when stuff like new maps, weapon skins etc all used to be user made free content on the PC version of games. This is all possible on current consoles, however the developers rather want to charge for such stuff and because console gamers are willing to pay for such stuff. The spillover effect also makes it to the PC where many games no longer support modding. Which also effect creativity, Great games of recent years came to existence as Mods : Team fortress 2, Portal, Dota. Current gen consoles due to restrictions from greedy devs also limit possibilities of future creative games from the PC community because modding is being thrown out the window, and can blame it all on the consoles.

No gaurantees of BC, gamers have spent thousands of USDs, on games and online content this gen. There is no gaurantee the next consoles will even run all that content. Sure you are secured if you have bought your games on a service like Steam.

Personally i stopped playing mainstream games on my PC. Simply because i feel they are the same old same old with little to no changes. I personally now play games like Dota, which brings something different to the table.

closnyc2441d ago

hahaha..what a noob. You are just scared the master elite race is going to put you under the guillotine for being such a dirty milking peasant. Your revolution came and went and now its time for the aristocracy to take its place back in society. You were always the lesser and you will continue to be, you were just more than us.

Somebody2441d ago

The article said that the reason the PC went into a slump because the PS3 and X Box 360 offered even the hardcore PC enthusiasts to "seek refuge within the lengthy product lifecycle of the console platform." Meaning that why waste money on constant PC upgrades when the "cheaper" consoles are doing an equally decent job without requiring to do so.

So wouldn't that situation be repeated again if the next gen consoles use the latest AMD/Nvidia hardware and sit on it for the next 10 years? Consumers will again question the need for an ATI HD8000 or Nvidia GTX1000 if the PS4 and XBox720 can do the same job.

DX11 was supposed to be the latest in graphical development but it is held back by the consoles' DX9. Sure BF3 was a DX11 masterpiece but even Microsoft, the own DX's creator, was busy promoting the DX9 only Call of Duty MW3 at last year's E3. Epic has an Unreal 3.9 game engine that support DX11 and the latest PhysX but NO, we won't be seeing that on the PC anytime soon. We'll have to wait for the next gen to roll out instead (talk about holding back the PC).

Having DX11 capable consoles will be great but wouldn't that lock down DX11 for the next 5-10 years? If the DX11 are locked down due to next-gen consoles, like the DX9 with the PS3 and X Box360, who would be interested to invest in DX11.1, DX12, 13 and so on? Not to mention that Microsoft intend to combine the XBox and Windows under one roof. What will be their priority : the walled garden of a console or the slightly open gates of the PC? Cater to the DX11 only XBox720 or further improve the near limitless DX iterations on the PC?

So how is this going to help the PC grow?

T9002441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Its not going to help PC gaming, i agree with you.

Infact all its going to be doing is making companies go out of business.

Imagine if DX11 is all what are going to be focusing on for the next 10 years and software wont be progressing much in terms of hardware requirements. Then no one will need to buy hardware from:

Intel, AMD, Nvidia. Not only them even the motherboard manufacturers, Ram, Hard drive Etc will be effected.

I personally have a very high end setup. However most of my friends have a GTX 460, HD 5870. Hell some people are even sporting 8800GTX. They dont upgrade any more because most games dont need upgrades. I am personally running the same X58 motherbard and Ram i bought 4 years back. Simply because games dont need more than this.

If people wont be upgrading it will choke the industry in the long run. IMO i dont think i will upgrading my PC even after the next consoles are out. Because by the way it is looking i dont think even the next consoles will be able to catch up to my PC.

It will just mean the above mentioned companies dont get a sale from this PC gamer.

gamernova2441d ago

The PlayStation cannot do the same job. I can run battlefield maxed out on resolutions higher than the ps3 ever could.
How will there be a lock down? We have DX 10 games and DX 11 regardless of what consoles are doing. Technology will not stop for gaming consoles. Super computers are used for far more. Gaming is only a piece of the pie. There is video editing and graphic design among other pc dominated areas that require ever expanding technology advaces. What consoles do will not be holding back pc. Especially If pc gaming continues its rise.

DeadlyFire2441d ago

DirectX is only on Microsoft's console/Windows. Sony and Nintendo both use other API based on OpenGL ES with their own custom variations/upgrades. I know it looks the same pretty much, but games are built in a different way.

Unreal Engine 3.9 is a joke. They only called it that to promote Unreal Engine 4.0 While they will be optimizing the heck out of the engine for console use. It will not be a limiting factor in next generation. Some developers take bare minimum and use it to its maximum potential. This is not anyone's fault. They are just lazy ass money grubbers. Other developers that are more PC centric will push DirectX to its maximum potential. DirectX isn't the only thing on the table. Just so ya know. SDK for engine will be available for PC before you know it. E3 2012 we will know when and where to expect it to release.

I don't know how this all effects PC gaming. Windows 8 will have Xbox Live. So can I emulate Halo 4 with Xbox Live on PC? If that happens then I say it could help PC gaming.

Somebody2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Good point.

On one side, I am excited with the merging of Windows and X Box Live. Yes, there is great potential combining two platforms under one system and gamers have been yearning for this since the first X Box (I know I have). But, looking back at what Microsoft had done to the Live indie studios (and PC gaming before that), I fear that Windows Games under Live might get obscured in some hidden or hard to see menu as consumers surf through the site.

My main comment was to compare what had happened to the PC when the consoles got hold of PC components and Dx9 with the article's optimistic perception. You know, something like "history repeats itself" kind of thing. When the current consoles came out PC gamers have to endure the "PC Gaming is Dead" mantra from everyone for years, with barely any help from Microsoft who was in a hunting spree killing off PC game studios and getting exclusives for the 360. I'm not looking forward of seeing that era repeating itself when the next gen rolled out. What will they say next time? "PC Gaming is Dead - Again!"?

All said and done, we'll have just to wait and see how this all turned up in the end.

gamernova2441d ago

Many pc gamers have set ups that fade these non existing consoles. Pc gaming is amazing right now. Steam usage will tell you.

stragomccloud2441d ago

Yet another generation the gaming community ignores Nintendo... suspiciously leaving them out of next gen articles...

Anyway, PC gaming is already back with a vengeance.