The Resistance Isn’t Over: Unfinished Stories in Games

As the video game medium continues to mature, so do the narrations and tales within them. Stories are integral to the experience, so it’s important for their creators to finish them on the right note. The Resistance franchise always struggled with its identity, with each iteration being different from the last, but its story and mystery kept them all fused together. After more than five years of struggling to fend off Chimera for humanity’s survival, with just a one minute announcement, many were left asking, “That’s it?”

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Lelldorianx1959d ago

There are untied ends everywhere you look -- companies are leaving ever more reasons to return to a series and milk it at a later date, as do movie franchises.

farhsa20081959d ago

Resistance is my favourite franchise, i fell in love with FOM, I hope there are many more games to come.

Ghost2501959d ago

Resistance imo shits on killzone.

cpayne931959d ago

Single player does but killzone has better multiplayer imo.

Ghost2501959d ago

killzone 2 just has too much grenade spammers and people spawn trap on that game way too much and killzone 3 people wanna plant fucking claymores everywhere it starts to get annoying. resistance multiplayer was pretty good on 1 and 2 not so much on three sadly. but hey different strokes for different folks

DigitalRaptor1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

I prefer Resistance for their campaigns.

Resistance 3 was one of the most underrated shooters of 2011!

2pacalypsenow1959d ago

its a shame it sold so bad , for such a good game its better than 1/2 the games out there that have sold over 1m

Ghost2501959d ago

yeah it really sucks man, resistance is one of those rare gems in a over-saturated genre that definitely deserves more attention than it got.

ReservoirDog3161958d ago

That's honestly the reason Insomniac put aside the Resistance franchise. No one ever really supported it. I bought all 3 within days of it coming out but I was one of the few. You can't blame them either. Too many games with very little profit isn't good.

It's sad. I really loved Resistance. The controls in R3 were literally perfect.

Knushwood Butt1958d ago

Clearly you didn't play it with Move...

mayberry1959d ago

rfom was such an awesome launch title! That and motorstorm 1 kept my launch 60g very busy! any more would be very appreiciated! Cant wait for starhawk, dust 514, last of us, last guardian, and now for some journy! good times ahead!

2pacalypsenow1959d ago

ahh Motorstorm still remember being amazed by the tire marks made on the mud :) good times

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