Metal Gear Solid HD Collection PS Vita: No Plans For HD Peace Walker

The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection released on PS3 & 360 a few months ago. Featuring HD Remastered version of three of the best games in the series, MGS: Sons of Liberty, MGS 3 Snake Eater, and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, the HD remakes sold very well, and were well received critically.

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guitar_nerd_232234d ago

Still doesn't say what I want to know.

If I buy on PS3 do I get the download for Vita free?

Soldierone2234d ago

Unless newer copies come with something I doubt it. There are no codes or anything in the box when you buy it, making it almost impossible to tell if someone bought it. Unless they do a "show your receipt" thing.

I think we should get a discount though, somehow. Either way its missing a game and Vita games are normally cheaper, so this shouldn't be too expensive anyways.

catfrog2234d ago

they should put out a new ps3 box, all three HD games for the ps3 on it with downloadable vita versions ... :) would make me buy it right away

badz1492234d ago

If any platform is to get the PW, it's the Vita. Yet, it's not coming! I'll be very pissed if they decide to sell PW HD as standalone title for Vita down the line!

Disccordia2234d ago

Of course you won't get it for free :s

Sony only ever said games with cross online play would get that treatment and even then it was only a select few first party titles. I would like to see codes in future though for sure that gives you the vita version fir less/free. really can't see it though.

guitar_nerd_232234d ago

So the general line of thought is no.

I don't think it's that out there an idea, Steam lets me play my Steam collection on anything that can run it I think it should be a standard feature.

A few tacked on touch controls that I don't care about isn't worth buying games that I already paid £40 each for on the PS2 and possibly another £30 for the set on PS3. Guess I'll just get the PS3 version.

Knushwood Butt2234d ago

In Japan, if you buy Peace Walker HD (PS3), which is a stand alone game, you get a download code for Peace Walker (PSP).

Just FYI..

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KingOptimus7772234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

Nooooo!! I really wanted to play Peace Walker in HD on my Vita.

ninjahunter2234d ago

Eh, already have peacewalker and from what ive seen vita does a fantastic job of upscaling, or whatever it does with that filter.

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