GotGame: The Nintendrone Volume 3: PS3 + Vita Does Not Equal Wii U

GotGame: Since the unveiling of the Wii U and the Vita at last year’s E3, internet pundits and Sony fans have suggested that the Vita and the PS3 can work in tandem to replicate the Wii U experience....

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jacen1002291d ago

different kettle of fish

dedicatedtogamers2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

Um, yes, yes it kinda does equal the WiiU. The main selling point of the WiiU was that you could play a game on the TV then transfer it to your screen when you wanted. That's the very first thing they showed off in their trailer. "Remote Play" on the Vita is exactly that.

Now, I'm not saying Sony is going to try to make the Vita+PS3 like the WiiU, but it's capable of all the same stuff.

Titanz2291d ago

You obviously didn't get the point of the article.

joeorc2291d ago

"You obviously didn't get the point of the article."

not every Nintendo 3DS comes with a second analog slide stick, but that does not stop Capcom or Nintendo from making software that supports that ADDED EXPANSION SLIDE PAD.

this is the exact same argument about no 2nd slide pad on the nintendo 3ds. but yet its getting support after the fact the 3ds was released.

remote play has been in the PSP sdk for quite a while, an the Playstation Suite supports remote play to boot.

SO they are saying it would end up like the PSP when the PSVita is not the PSP

ChronoJoe2290d ago

The article brings up a fair point.

The Vita goes through your router to the PS3, whereas the Wii tablet add-hocs in, which gives it a direct connection. However it wouldn't be much of a surprise if Sony were to change that, Addhoc party already works in that way I suppose.

Ultimately it all depends on Sony changing both the PS3 and PS Vita to fit. Neither right now properly support remote play and for this article to be making assumptions based on the PS3 / Vita in its current form, regarding remote play especially seems a little redundant.

If this functionality is to arrive at any point it'll probably be whenever they decide to add the 'ps3 controller' functionality to the Vita, so that they can connect up to PS3s and be used as a controller. Something also promised but not yet delivered.

azureflamegod2291d ago

wii U doies not cost 700 dollers pius tax

TooTall192291d ago

I agree with the article. Doesn't bother me either since the Wii U will have less than 5 great 3rd party titles.

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The story is too old to be commented.