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Submitted by Ramon3MR 1361d ago | opinion piece

GotGame: The Nintendrone Volume 3: PS3 + Vita Does Not Equal Wii U

GotGame: Since the unveiling of the Wii U and the Vita at last year’s E3, internet pundits and Sony fans have suggested that the Vita and the PS3 can work in tandem to replicate the Wii U experience.... (PS Vita, PS3, Wii U)

browngamer41  +   1361d ago
Nice article..
jacen100  +   1361d ago
different kettle of fish
dedicatedtogamers  +   1361d ago
Um, yes, yes it kinda does equal the WiiU. The main selling point of the WiiU was that you could play a game on the TV then transfer it to your screen when you wanted. That's the very first thing they showed off in their trailer. "Remote Play" on the Vita is exactly that.

Now, I'm not saying Sony is going to try to make the Vita+PS3 like the WiiU, but it's capable of all the same stuff.
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Titanz  +   1361d ago
You obviously didn't get the point of the article.
joeorc  +   1360d ago
"You obviously didn't get the point of the article."

not every Nintendo 3DS comes with a second analog slide stick, but that does not stop Capcom or Nintendo from making software that supports that ADDED EXPANSION SLIDE PAD.

this is the exact same argument about no 2nd slide pad on the nintendo 3ds. but yet its getting support after the fact the 3ds was released.

remote play has been in the PSP sdk for quite a while, an the Playstation Suite supports remote play to boot.

SO they are saying it would end up like the PSP when the PSVita is not the PSP
ChronoJoe  +   1360d ago
The article brings up a fair point.

The Vita goes through your router to the PS3, whereas the Wii tablet add-hocs in, which gives it a direct connection. However it wouldn't be much of a surprise if Sony were to change that, Addhoc party already works in that way I suppose.

Ultimately it all depends on Sony changing both the PS3 and PS Vita to fit. Neither right now properly support remote play and for this article to be making assumptions based on the PS3 / Vita in its current form, regarding remote play especially seems a little redundant.

If this functionality is to arrive at any point it'll probably be whenever they decide to add the 'ps3 controller' functionality to the Vita, so that they can connect up to PS3s and be used as a controller. Something also promised but not yet delivered.
azureflamegod  +   1360d ago
wii U doies not cost 700 dollers pius tax
TooTall19  +   1361d ago
I agree with the article. Doesn't bother me either since the Wii U will have less than 5 great 3rd party titles.
TheGamingArt  +   1361d ago
Lol, it equal better.
DEEBO  +   1361d ago
This dude has some point's but when i youtube the vita,all i see is hackers playing ps3 games with the vita.maybe sony might need to give them a job.they seem to know how to do the remote play
the worst  +   1361d ago
catfrog  +   1361d ago
this guy obviously has no tech background, so ill break it down here:

about lag:
nintendo will be using a wifi connection as well, if they want to stream any higher resolution pictures (let alone video, they'll have to have a wifi connection to stream video, it wont work any other way) to a screen thats not connected with wires, so wiiu will have the exact same amount of lag as ps3-vita has unless plugged in.

about switching:
im not sure if hes never used remote play before, but it takes about 15 seconds to switch from ps3->vita gaming

about multiple streams:
the ps3/vita combination is most definitely capable of sending multiple streams, one to tv, other to controller, hell, the ps3/psp combination was doing this with gran turismo, he even goes on to say that the vita already has multiple streams of information being sent over the network/and wires with street fighter, quite the contradiction

either way, the vita/ps3 combination will be able to do anything that the wiiu will be able to do, the psp/ps3 combination can already do anything that the wiiu is capable, there are no hardware limitations between them.

both will most definitely be using the same tech, sony already has the most efficient market available streaming on their devices, nintendo cant beat best, they can match it though. anyways, i dont think this is so much supposed to be a serious article so much is its supposed to say "my favorite piece of plastic is better then the others!". kind of childish, wish i hadnt clicked the link
ChickeyCantor  +   1360d ago
" so wiiu will have the exact same amount of lag as ps3-vita has unless plugged in. "

Eeeehh no.
The tablet is far more simplistic compared to the vita. Far more integrated with the Wii-U console itself. So there is a big chance that the tablet will have far less latency than the PS3>vita connection.

"either way, the vita/ps3 combination will be able to do anything that the wiiu will be able to do, the psp/ps3 combination can already do anything that the wiiu is capable, there are no hardware limitations between them. "

Even if this is true, why would developers take the risk of betting on the people who do have a ps-vita and PS3 when the Wii-u is an out of the box experience?

"nintendo cant beat best,"

Their whole hardware is made to work for wireless transfer to the tablet.
The PS3 and Vita were not carved out of the same wood to work 1:1 with each other. Vita now compliments the PS3. There is a difference. PS3 is hardware from 2006. You honestly can't say that magically trough software they improved the ps3 "streaming" capabilities?

Sure I'm not much of a technical person, but you can't ignore said stuff.
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catfrog  +   1360d ago
the simplicity of the controller is irrelevant, the controller, or in the ps3s case, the vita, does almost nothing, all compatibility has to be done on the main consoles side: the only job the controller/vita has during remote play is to display images that are sent. and because they're both going to be using the same tech to send data (they'll be using the same because the next alternative wireless data transfer is less then half as efficient in sending data, you would have a very low resolution picture (maybe 480p)

nintendo cant make a device that can transfer more data then the ps3 can transfer to the vita, its just not possible unless the developed a new wireless data transfer method which would have shown up in their patents already, so that didnt happen. the vita/wiiu will pretty much operate at close to the exact same data transfer levels, wiiu wont be superior in any way from a hardware standpoint.

there have been any major advancements in hardware that would allow the wiiu to stream more information then the ps3, ill say this again, the hardware will be exactly the same, no difference. it doesnt matter that the ps3 was released more than 5 years ago, there havent been any advancements in the technology the wiiu will be releasing with the same hardware that the ps3 is using right now.

the only difference will be the software, and truely, its not a big difference, the same amount of data will be needed to send the same resolution to the controller. nintendo will have the same transfer rate as anyone else on the market, so they'll have the same limitations as anyone else. sony and nintendo's controller/console combo will have the same limitations. i dont feel like i can say this enough, because its just not getting through, so once more - both will have the same hardware, wiiu will be no more advanced then ps3 in terms of networking. if you went out today and spent $10,000 on the best gaming computer, best everything, it would still only be able to transfer data at the same rate as these.

and yes, 3rd party developers wont make use of these features for ps3/vita as much (though a few already have), but its irrelevant, if they already have it done for the wiiu, putting it on the ps3 is a very simple task, so its very likely that all third party multiplatform games that have this on the wiiu will also include this on the ps3.

tl;dr same hardware, no difference, same data transfer speeds, nintendo cant do better then sony, IBM, microsoft, or anyone else, they're all limited by the same hardware unless they develop new (hint: nintendos not)
bigjclassic  +   1361d ago
I think the point is...
Even though the PS3+Vita combo can somewhat replicate the Wii U experience, it is not standard. Plus, BiG N has yet to fully reveal what the U pad can actually do.

My conclusion, people are grasping at straws currently to discredit a device that has not fully been unveiled yet.
Ihaa  +   1361d ago
PS3 plus Vita will cost you 500+ dollars and no games will base their gameplay around such a feature as it is not standard. The other thing is that the graphics won't actually match that of a Wii U. The Wii U renders at better quality than the ps3 and all it has to do then is render on the tv and send a down scaled version on the controller. Since it is technically 1 render per frame not 2, and since the Wii U outpowers the Ps3 and 360 by what rumors are saying a factor of 4 or 5, it definatly outperforms the Ps3 and Vita rendering capabilities combined. Another thing to note is that the vita doesn't have a HD screen, its resolution is 544 while the Wii U controllers was approximated to 620 or something along those lines. So for less money your getting better performance and more content.
ChickenOfTheCaveMan  +   1361d ago
Okay...and how much will the wii u cost? ;)
Khordchange  +   1360d ago
not 530 dollars
ChickenOfTheCaveMan  +   1359d ago
We'll see for the price.

Btw, as for resolution goes, wii U is 854×480 and Vita is 960 × 544...
raymantalk1  +   1360d ago
here is the psvita playing red dead redemption remotely

there is no lag that i can see
Klad  +   1360d ago

Check out there new dual screen tablet. looks just like the DS!!!!
catfrog  +   1360d ago
sony has been doing this for six years now (psp/ps3)... and its been available for more than 15 years... nintendo isnt innovating here
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Klad  +   1360d ago
Nintendo did it first with Gameboy Advance connection to Game Cube, before the PSP came out.

Here is a link for proof
Klad  +   1360d ago
if you think Sony had Dual screen handelds before Nintendo, then u are mis-informed.
bahabeast  +   1360d ago
it is nothing likt the wiiu its better than the wiiu IMO
Ck1x  +   1360d ago
People get off of it already, no one knows what tech and specs that the WiiU is using for its connection to the WiiU console. To say that tech hasn't advanced enough is just ridiculous. With Bluetooth 4.0 out which uses less battery power we have no concrete evidence on its streaming capabilities. But I don't think that ps3/vita will be able to perform the same exact functions as WiiU will...
axisofweevils  +   1360d ago
Look at the Move and the Wiimote.

Technically, the Move can do everything the Wiimote can do - even more in fact.

But because the Move isn't part of every console, nobody's making outstanding motion-controlled games like Skyward Sword for it.

The Wii U will be a similar thing. It has been designed for this purpose from the outset, and therefore every game will be able to make use of the extra screen.
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mike1up  +   1360d ago
I wouldn't exactly say apples and oranges, however, I agree that Vita and WiiU are not the same experience. They can be similar, but ultimately I believe that they will take different paths.

The WiiU provides an experience as soon as it's taken out of the box. The PS3+Vita combo... is a combo (a very expensive combo). Imo it will cost developers too much money (and time) to provide the Remote Play feature for every future PS3 title, which is also a risky business move.
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CaptainN  +   1360d ago
Logically it makes no sense from a consumer stand point to go with a PS3/Vita combo. If your looking for a way to stream your games why would you buy a 6 year old PS3 at $300 and a $300 Vita when you could do it on a brand new console. Buying a brand new next gen system, which I will assume based on Nintendo price history will be no where near $600 or buying two other systems for a similiar type of gameplay. The Tablet comes with the Wii-U, nothing else needs to be purchased to have this feature. The majority of developers will be using this function on Wii-U as standard, compared to an optional use on a PS3/Vita combo. The only ones who would benefit at all with the combo would be hardcore Sony fans who have both....and even then how long would this last until Sony releases a new home console of their own.
Hicken  +   1360d ago
For one, there's no need to get either system at that price. Starting price for both is at $250 currently, so that's $500, assuming Sony never bundles the two or drops their prices, and no retailer takes it upon themselves to do so either.

For another, the fact that both could be used as standalone devices with their own unique and cross-playable libraries would be more than enticing. PS1, PSP, PS3, and Vita games, along with minis, PSN titles, and various PS2 remakes, with a large number usable at home or on the go. I'm certain you know what type of draw that would be, to be able to start a game at home, save it, then pick up where you left off on the handheld.

For a third, 60 million PS3s are already out, along with 1.5 million Vitas. If half the people with a PS3 decide to get a Vita, that's a market of 30 million to advertise WiiU-like games to. That's 30 million people who don't HAVE to go out and buy both systems to get the combo.

The WiiU can't be too cheap, but I doubt it'll be as much as $600. It'll likely be in the $400-500 range, which puts it in direct competition with buying both a PS3 and a Vita. So now you have one current-gen (the WiiU will be the current gen when it comes out) home console for ~$450(taking the middle ground), or one previous-gen home console and a current-gen handheld for about the same price.

And who says the PS4 won't be able to do the same thing the PS3 currently does as far as the Vita/PSP are concerned? Who says it won't be even better? Because the Vita is standalone, you could potentially have the libraries of PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3, PS4, and Vita games all on the go.

None of this is certain. The price of the WiiU isn't known, nor is its release date. We don't know what the price of the Vita and PS3 will be at that time. We don't know if Sony will attempt to steal Nintendo's thunder by having games that would use the Vita in a similar fashion to the WiiU's controller. We don't know whether or not they will bundle the Vita and PS3 together. We don't know that the WiiU, aimed at being a more core device, won't blow the PS3 out of the water. We don't know if the PS4 will use the Vita in a similar fashion.

We DO know, however, that it's entirely possible for the PS3/Vita to do what the WiiU and its tablet are said to do. Whether or not it does those things as well, better, or worse has yet to be seen.
Ck1x  +   1360d ago
What's most appalling to me is Sony fans saying that the ps3/vita combo will be able to do everything that the WiiU will. But the only thing we've actually seen remote play doing kinda ok was streaming video feed to allow play on the vita. Well I hate to burst a lot of bubbles around here but the WiiU was shown doing many more functions than this and it was on the fly. The videos I've seen on vita remote play functions have all had lag and load times in the same fashion that ipad with apple tv has lag as well! So obvious nintendo has put many years of thought into this and have executed the proper research and development to pull it off as well.
FinalomegaS  +   1360d ago
I'm sure this thread would of been over 100 post by now ha!

just for the record, PSV and PS3 are out, has anyone here gotten to test out the WiiU versus their findings of the PSV3?
Ramon3MR  +   1358d ago
Will be testing out the Wii U at this year's E3.

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