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New consoles have been coming out every 5-6 years. Starting from the Nintendo. At first it was the Nintendo then 5 or 6 years later the Super Nintendo then 5 or 6 years later the Nintendo 64 and so on and so forth…the thing is they needed upgrades because well…there was no internet for upgrades. Now with this generations consoles the internet plays a big part and the consoles are a little awkward.

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Droid Control2445d ago

The 360 will be 7/8 years old time the 720 is released. I wonder if longer generations are here to stay. With the 720 and PS4 last 9-10 years?

2EHO2445d ago

Yes because of economy

THC CELL2445d ago

I would not hype over the next xbox if i was you lot. they have no games and nintendo and sony are going all out.

SandWitch2445d ago

Wow, what a good article. Really rare these days.

I agree that next-gen consoles don't need to be super-computers, a hardware update that allows 1080p games and multitasking would be enough as it already cost a lot of money and time to produce beautiful games. However, I doubt that Sony/Microsoft will stop creating powerful consoles every 7 years. Even though it looks like the newest games are graphically super-advanced, but who can imagine how games will look in 2020? Will we ever reach the limit for graphical improving? And the most importing question is, will the games be more expensive in the future?

And I don't agree that games these days are beautiful, but boring. There so many games in various genres, so many great ones. Nostalgic feelings simply makes you idealize your past games.