New Mass Effect 3 Trailer Tells Us That the War Has Begun (and That the Game is Great)

Mass Effect 3 has just been released in Europe today and BioWare published a new trailer, titled “The War Begins“.

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BattleTorn2444d ago

It's understandable that a game of such high caliber (and hype) that it would receive so much criticism.
And I can also appreciate how some ME-fans may have been slightly disappointed.

That being said, I'm loving the game. I can't wait to go home and continue my journey to save the galaxy.

And I absolutely loved the Prothean DLC. ('From Ashes')

rawrockkillz2444d ago

I bring the Prothean along on every mission lol. I just find it interesting when he compares this life cycle and the Prothean life cycle. I do think it should have been included in the game though. They could have fleshed a lot more out I think.

BattleTorn2444d ago

What do you mean "They could've fleshed a lot more?"

I thought the cut-scenes from "From Ashes" where is Sheperd sees the Protheans fighting the Reaper in their cycle was frickin bad-ass!

rawrockkillz2444d ago

Oh yeah those fight scenes were amazing! I'm just saying for the entire game they could've had a lot more dialogue and other things revolving around the Prothean.

Legionaire20052444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

Even though I'm not finish with the game yet, I got to say its one hell of a great game to play. One thing that surprise me the most is the side quest are actually challenging to figure out with little to no hints. Well I know that some gamers are turn off by this, but it shows a little bit of realism. If anyone didn't play Mass Effect 3 know this for advice, becareful listening to conversations cause you just might get a side quest and not know. Some or probably all are quest with hidden timers, yes that's right hidden timers!!! This is where the realism kicks in, because you are in a war and you got to hurry up to get war assets to help you win the war. The side quest are more involved with this game than ever. And I dig that lol!!! Note that Hip Hop Gamer was not lying when he said Mass Effect 3 is Alpha Protocol in space, because that game has timed missions. At the end of the day I still look at Mass Effect 2 as the best one in the series. Yeah this one has a more action and even better A.I. on both sides, but Mass Effect 2 has things in there that I thought was a little better.

NeoTribe2444d ago

If u think mass effect 2 was better ill prolly never check thiw out till I find it for 20 bucks. Disliked me2 enought to not even beat the whole game.

Legionaire20052444d ago

Dude its just my opinion lol!!!! Mass Effect 3 is still a great game, that's why you should have all 3 Mass Effects to get the full story where you decisions pass on to the next game, heck they even said keep it cause they are thinking of making Mass Effect 4. Not many games do this. I dig Mass Effect 3, because its more about the story than the other 2 Mass Effect games. You making big decisions like your the command in Chief know as the president. While Fable 3 lets you be a king towards the end of the game,(disappointing) in this game you are the decision maker from the beginnning. I like the series as a whole, but you got to pick your favorite one, and I chose Mass Effect 2.