BioWare working to fix Mass Effect 3 face import problem

BioWare is working to fix a problem with Mass Effect 3 that prevents users from importing character faces from Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 into the game.
Gamers have discovered that Mass Effect 3, out in the UK today, is incompatible with faces built on the Mass Effect 1 editor.

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gillri2442d ago

mine imported fine and this time I can actually modify the face I imported unlike with ME1. I narrowed his chin and cheekbones a bit and brought his schnoz towards the face a bit. im surprised he could get any helmet on in ME2!!

For the first time in a ME game im 100% good with the face, I just wish i'd changed the facial hair

NewZealander2442d ago

well by the time they fix this most ppl will have finished their mass effect 3 play through, my female characters face loaded in mass 3 but her hair did not I had short black hair in mass 1 and 2 and it imported her with long blond hair in mass 3, but I did not mind to much as I keept the long hair and just dyed it black which really she looks alot better, but I know friends who their characters face was not imported and really pissed them off, so this really should not have happend at all since this is ment to be about your character and your choices you make through the game, big bug if you ask me. who test these games?

no_more_heroes2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Does this only affect the looks? Does it do anything to the data in the game save itself? I got ME3 at launch but I haven't played it yet because of this problem.

m232442d ago

The only problem I had was that the face didn't import correctly. The decisions and everything else was fine when it transferred.

no_more_heroes2442d ago

Oh, ok. I was worried that it might screw up my profile or something.

Time to go play it then!

m232442d ago

What's the point now? I've already started my first playthrough, I'm loving the game, but pretty disappointed how this could get past them.