New GTR 3 In-Game Screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "SimBin has released some new, in-game screenshots from their upcoming racing sim game, GTR 3. Although we don’t have enough information about it, we do know that the game will feature the Chevrolet C6.R GT2, the P4/5 Competizione, the Tesla Roadster, and the Pagani Zonda R. No release date or platforms have been announced as of yet. Enjoy!"

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2445d ago
killerhog2445d ago

Well its looking better than Gt5 already. im wishing these new devs making racers luck. hopefully more fierce competition will get polyphony off their arses. im looking forward to C.A.R.S and if this game comes out for consoles then this as well. i do not have a gaming PC.

SugarSoSweet2445d ago

GRAPHICS shud be much better for a PC exclusive game

ATi_Elite2445d ago

Project C.A.R.S. is killing this!