Microsoft teases new Xbox games at E3 and Gamescom

OXM: "As rumours of an impending next gen reveal continue to bubble, Xbox's global marketing director Steve Beinner has reaffirmed Microsoft's commitment to Xbox 360, insisting that "there is a tremendous amount of life left" in the console."

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NYC_Gamer2292d ago

Hope its retail games and not more xbla software

EVILDEAD3602292d ago

E3 is ALL that matters..Gamescom is where you just reiterate the message.



"Why? " because not all of us are interested in kinect games.

Yes they are great if you enjoy that sort of thing, but not all of us do and people seem to forget that now.

kaveti66162291d ago


XBLA games are not Kinect games.


@ kaveti6616

Very true, my bad.

Everything feels like it has been so kinect focused that I have actually lost sight of the difference.

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vega2752292d ago

At what point did XBLA games stop being games? Just asking

kreate2292d ago

Obviously people are looking for more halo/gears of war level games.

Most xbla/psn games are games on a smaller scale. Angry bird is a game but gamers in general want more than just that.

Im sure microsoft will announce something other than xbla or kinect games.

EVILDEAD3602291d ago

@ Kreate

Angry birds is a PSN obviously havent been on XBLA in awhile if you think that's the only caliber of game that on it.

Shadow Complex is still one of my favorite games this entire gen.

Last Year's Bastion garners higher praise at the end of the year in places like the associated press than Uncharted 3 and Gears 3.

Kinect is just starting to getsome games on there and it makes sense because it will draw more people to more experiences than the bigger retail prices.

Either way E3 is where the entire world is watching the rest of the conventions pale in comparison.


kreate2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )


Angry birds just got on xbla within the last several months or so in 2011 if i remember correctly after it was released on ps3. And no im not googling up anything cuz im tired. I mention that game to get a point across. Im also at work so i had to make a speedy comment.

Just add me on xbla and we'll game. However add me on ps3 as well cuz i wanna see how legit u are. If not, dont be talking.

Im on xbla right now. Bastion looks really good. Its a game that caught my eye cuz of the cool drawing. But when i look at the screenshots on xbla, i just had some doubts so i didnt bother. I currently have 800 points left. And a proud silver member.

EVILDEAD3602291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

@ Kreate

Your completely changing the subject. This isn't about your proud silver membership or if you have enough points to buy Bastion.

The point is you used a tiny game like Angry Birds saying that people want 'more'.

But that game is a FAR cry from the bigger games on XBLA. I used Bastion as an example but even if you look at games releasing in the past few weeks like 'I am Alive' and 'Alan Wake: Nightmares' which have campaigns as long as some big name shooters, you will see the caliber of what's out there.

For the record I don't need to add you to ANYTHING for me to be legit..period. I keep it real on this site and could care less what other do. N4G is as FAR enough that I want people from this site..thanx


kreate2291d ago


the point is this:

"At what point did XBLA games stop being games"

whether its angry birds or bastion. it really doesnt matter they're all good games. im sure the person of ur intelect would understand the point being made here.

EVILDEAD3602291d ago

'whether its angry birds or bastion. it really doesnt matter they're all good games. im sure the person of ur intelect would understand the point being made here'

That was the ORIGINAL Point..surely a person of your intellect can remember what THEY wrote in response to that original point

'Most xbla/psn games are games on a smaller scale. Angry bird is a game but gamers in general want more than just that.'

Again first you use a game that is NOT on XBLA and if you were truly the proud Silver member you would have noticed. Secondly, the whole point of the response was that you were using this tiny IOS game that even PS3 uses as a PSN Mini to differentiate it from the larger games like Journey.

360 Gamers do want more than fun IOS games like Fruit Ninja Kinect. But, XBLA is delivering that kind of content like Alan Wake Nightmare, I am Alive, Crimson Dragon just like it has with Bastion and Shadow Complex.

Once again that was MY point again in response to yours but I guess it somehow went over your head.


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H2OAcidic2292d ago

NO WAY! I thought they tease an empty stage for a few hours.

SaffronCurse2292d ago

Well they did that for the past couple of e3's if you haven't noticed.

dirigiblebill2292d ago

Guess that means no Xbox 720 reveal at E3 or gamescom then - can't see them pimping a new console while they're pushing sales for the last one.

I wonder whether they'll try to keep Xbox 360 going alongside 720? Like Sony did with PS2/PS3, I mean.

HammockGames2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

I'd venture MS will keep the 360 going for a while alongside its successor - if for no other reason than the flak they took when they abruptly dropped support for the original Xbox when the 360 rolled out.

Not sure if the 360 will have the longevity of the PS2 (which is still chugging along and generating some sales - unreal!). But it should be interesting to see.

EVILDEAD3602291d ago guys are on drugs. Micrsoft doesnt have to have a full blown showcase for the 720..a simple vid will do

But mark my words it will be there


EliteDave932292d ago

Forget about next xbox or PS4 at this years E3, friend.

Convas2292d ago

Looking forward to E3 to see what the Big 3 are bringing to the table this year

Fyflin2292d ago

It would be nice, but I think it's going to be 2013 when we see some real big games announced by MS.

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