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SuperLupe2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

350K in its first month in the USA ... ? The 360 version alone of FF13 sold 490 000 in its first month. Thats more than FF 13 2's 360/PS3 combined sales.

I didnt really like FF13 but I'm a FF fan and this almost makes me sad .. Not the fact that the game flopped but that it has come to this.

Absolutely terrible sales for a FF game. For info FF13 sold 1.3 million in its first month. Terrible sales I tell you.

Army_of_Darkness2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

even being multiplat from the get go couldn't save FF13-2....
Better stop f#@King around SE and get verses13 out!!

I think they should rename FFvs13 to Final fantasy: Verses..... take out 13 from it completely!

deep_fried_bum_cake2475d ago

This might be news to you but Square as a company was defunct years ago and with it Squaresoft.

CarlitoBrigante2475d ago

Stop calling SE Squaresoft, thats insulting for the late Squaresoft.

tantobanto2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Articles like this really tick me off.

1) The ps2 had a far larger install base than the ps3 did. So any side game is going to sell less

2)ff type zero sold 500k on a system thats sold 20 million more than the ps3.

So are we going to say that's terrible?

No we arent.

They are trying to generalize and make it seem like being in second place is a bad thing. It isnt.Kingdom of A was in fourth place with far worse reviews and lower sales yet I dont see this same kind of venom..........

If sales was an actual indication of quality which is what they are trying to infer

wii fit is the highest quality game this gen

selling over 50 million units worldwide

Valorous_Entity2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

XIII sold 1.3 million in the US. What does that tell you about XIII-2.

And why is it ticking you off? These are the sales numbers, deal with it.

tantobanto2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

That tells me that side games always sell less than the main games.

ff type zero sold 500k on the psp and people enjoyed it just the same and as much as people are enjoying 13-2

Apples and oranges.

When ff 15 comes out if you feel like doing the same unfair comparisons be my guest

I hope you will do an article comparing the sales of mass effect infiltrator to mass effect 3.

PersonaCat2475d ago

ff type zero has still only been released in japan though. When it gets localized I think it will do pretty good numbers. 13-2 has just really had poor sales all around. 350k first month? I had to make sure I wasn't reading "first week"

maniacmayhem2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

How is FFXIII-2 a side game? Its a sequel the same as God of War 2 or Mass Effect 3.

Sales indicate people's interest. You can have a quality title but if there is no interest or demand then quality means jack.

Unfortunately I guess people felt burnt by FF 13 which is sad because FF 13-2 improves on everything people complained about in the first game.

I still want to ask why you think 13-2 is a side game and why side games should be expected to sell less.

caseh2475d ago

I felt like I had been burnt by FF13. Last FF game I bought was FF3 on the SNES but wow, how two games from the same franchise could be so far apart in terms of playability is beyond me.

Played the FF13-2 demo for about 5 minutes, Serah's overly enthusiastic squealing combined with her overly gay sidekick was enough to convice me this wasn't really going to be any better. I'll have a sniff when it comes down to about 1/4 of the price that being asked for it now.

CarlitoBrigante2475d ago

Your last FF game was FF3? Lol did it even have a storymode? You missed the peak days of FF, FF6 to FF10, basically when Sakaguchi left it became shit.

Wolfbiker2475d ago

X-2 did not have a larger install base, XIII-2 its multi platform.

Type-0 has little to do with XIII...a game many people did not like, this tells me that people did not like the world if XIII but still like Final Fantasy in general.

XIII-2 , is a great game and its sales suffered due to many XIII consumers not being satisfied...I believe any informed fan can understand that XIII Versus our an entirely new game....which I personally feel should be upgraded to XV and fabulosa nova crysalis should be scraped....that brand has been tarnished....unfortunately.

Outside_ofthe_Box2475d ago

Take this guy's comment with a grain of salt.

He said he wants a 13-3! LOL!

GraveLord2475d ago

No, sales aren't the only indication of quality.

What these low XIII-2 sales do indicate is a damaged franchise. It means there won't be a XIII-3. I means that Versus XIII will most likely be renamed.

brish2475d ago

Correction: "sales aren't AN indicator of quality".

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Valorous_Entity2475d ago

@Tantobanto, How come many other sequels don't seem to have this problem? XIII-2 isn't a side game either it's a sequel.

You can argue for XIII-2 all you like but the thing is, people generally were not pleased with XIII and they skipped XIII-2 because of it. A majority of fans wanted SE to move on from XIII.

You are also comparing apples to oranges with a PSP game released only in Japan and a PS3/360 game released everywhere.

GribbleGrunger2475d ago

BIG FF fan here... bought XIII (even though i was dubious) and will never buy XIII-2. BIG Level-5 fan incoming. goodbye SE, you chased the money and paid heavily for it

Wolfbiker2475d ago

XIII-2 is very need to hold a grudge....this entire industry revolves around money including Level-5...although I am very excited for nino kuni.

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Valorous_Entity2475d ago

I think another reason XIII-2 didn't do well is because it re-used so much. No new monsters, only 2 party members, the same environments, re-used music tracks. There was also a decrease in graphics.

Not to mention they made Serah and some random dude the main characters.

torchic2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

I disagree. only reason why that game sold as low as it did is because people were disappointed by XIII full stop. people that liked XIII went on to buy XIII-2.

I do agree that SE got the main characters wrong. Square Enix had the chance to make a really amazing game here. what it should've been was a direct sequel to the ending of XIII, where the remaining characters try and "uncrystalize" Fang and Vanille, maybe with the NORA joining in (I really like Lebreau :D). the life of the new Cocoon resting on Gran Pulse should've also been explored. imagine being able to explore Bodhum, Eden, Palumpolum. (all these towns much more open like old FF towns) and then hopping over to Gran Pulse. could've been amazing.

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