OXM: How a broken Mass Effect 3 save blew my mind

OXM's Edwin writes: "You couldn't call my Shepard striking - even boring old Jacob "Gunshow" Taylor leaves her for dust - but she's my Shepard. Her passport shot, a half-arsed meld of generic parameters and scattergun improvisation, is inextricable from my enjoyment, and without it, Mass Effect feels strangely soulless and incomplete. I wouldn't have chosen her for a lifelong companion, but a lifelong companion is what she's become."

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dirigiblebill2442d ago

More franchises should let you import save games. Fable, for instance - imagine in Fable 3 if instead of digging out some generic long-dead Hero's past, you were excavating the results of your Fable 2 playthrough.

tigertron2442d ago

Fortunately I had no problems importing my Shepard's face. She looks exactly the same as she did in ME2. :)

fjtorres2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

I don't get what the fuss is about.
I tried to import my least charismatic (i.e., male) Shepard and it didn't import the face. So I simply entered the *face code* from ME2. (I have 3 different Shepards with different romantic entanglements--or lack there-of.)
Problem solved.

If you don't have the code handy, fire up ME2, load the character, and go to the squad screen. If it doesn't show the code, do a save and load that one.
Works fine on my 360.
Are things different on the PC?

dirigiblebill2442d ago

Apparently there's a problem where if you didn't change your character between Mass Effect 1 and 2, Mass Effect 3 won't read the face data correctly.

portugamer2439d ago

If this was happening with ps3, even on CNN live, they would be talking about this horrendous bug, and telling people to stop buying ps3, and get it on Xbox, the best of the best. Ign and gamespot would be writing articles every 2 hours, telling the story why his wife want to divorce, his kids moved to granmothers's, and apple shares fell 15%, and how Brent reached 300$. All this because of an awful ps3 and this huge bug. Sure, here, on n4g, all the xbots would be shiting on all the ps3 guys, laughing extremely loud, and anytime a ps3 guy would try to defend himself, he would get a restriction.

But since this only happens on Xbox, and not on ps3, ign and gamespot don't even talk about it, the 50000 Xbox fan websites all over the world don't dare talking about it, and life goes on.

This bug is freaking huge, but all the US media barely report it, because its on Xbox.

Oh God, if this happened on ps3, I can't imagine how many bazookas US media would fire, against Sony and the ps3. Impartial, the US media, right?