Six Reasons Why No Disc Drive On The Next Xbox Means No Purchase From Me

The latest rumour about the new Xbox is that it won’t feature a standard optical disc drive and instead will contain “contain “some sort of interchangeable solid-state card storage”. This news comes from a report revealed by MCV.
But what does this mean for gamers? Here are six reasons why I won’t be buying the new Xbox if this rumour turns out to be true.

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tantobanto2470d ago

are we going to go through these same ridiculous articles the steam box got which turned out fake?

a few months ago it was going to have a bluray drive, now nothing?


glynny912470d ago

There's always something behind the rumours though, the Steam Box rumour wasn't completely ruled out, they said that there wouldn't be one this year but not that there would never be one. I'm not expecting this one to be true but I'm saying why I wouldn't like it to be true

hazelamy2470d ago

but articles like this are written on the assumption that the rumour turns out to be true, not how valid the rumour is.

and i'm with the writer, IF this ends up being true, no sale here.

tigertron2470d ago

Same, I'd have to have a disc drive, and besides, many retailers would suffer as a result of not being able to sell future games. I don't see this happening at all.

matthewjgildea2470d ago

If it comes without a disc drive, and backwards compatibility for the 360, I can see a lot of people just sticking with their current gen consoles.

Game3s2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

So you think people are going to stick with the psp because the Vita isn't backward compatible too?

So you think the next box can't download the 360 games like the Vita download psp games too?

BiggCMan2470d ago

The Vita is backwards compatible though o.O It can play any PSP game digitally, just not through UMD obviously.

Waddy1012470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

The Vita is backwards compatible though, you just can't play the disc-based games but have to buy them through the PS Store.

Pillville2470d ago


You guys don't know what BC means. It doesn't mean being able to buy a ported copy of the game on the new console. It means that your old media works on the new console.

By your logic, my PS3 is BC with Sega Genesis because it can download Sonic.

SoundGamer2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )


Not saying that I agree with the rest of the conversation as I have a neutral, "Wait and see," stance on all of this.

However, the PSP games that are playable on the Vita are not ports. They are just digital versions of PSP games. The same game that you download to play on your PSP is the same game/PSP game file(s) that you download on your Vita.

That is not the same as Genesis titles being ported to PS3.

I think you are confusing ports with emulation. The Vita emulates the functions of a PSP in order to play actual PSP games.

Porting would indicate that you are changing the software/application itself to work with the new hardware.

Pillville2470d ago

Re-buying a digital version and buying a ported version isn't that much difference, especially when you have the already paid for original media setting on a shelf collecting dust.

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Moncole2470d ago

The next Xbox doesn't need to play DVDs, it will have Netflix and everyone already has a DVD player.

People have a fetish for consoles to play DVDs

Drekken2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

This guy has bubbles and I don't... N4G you confuse me.

Do you think that out of the 50mil + 360 owners, they all have a high speed internet that can download 10gig+ games.

Every generation game sizes increase because of higher quality graphics and larger file sizes. This generation some of the games were huge 25gig+ on one disk. I have pretty fast internet, but I would absolutely not want to download 25gig games next gen. Regardless if I have the speed - THAT SUCKS.

I would also think this BS is false info. Why would MS release a machine that 40% of its user base wouldn't be able to download games... that % is being generous.

EDIT - AAANND - I like going to the store and buying a brand new game and owning the box and disc.

Moncole2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

I said it does it need to play DVDs, meaning it doesn't need to play movies on DVDs because it has netflix to watch movies on and everyone has a DVD player. I never said it shouldnt play games. I can see how you got confused

Games download very fast. I was able to download DC universe online from steam in 6 hours at 1mb a second and it's 16GB game

sak5002470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

Agreed with Drekken

Disagreed with moncole

I have 16mb connection and i get about 2mb/sec so a 16gb would d/l in 2.2hours or so but i would not go for console with d/l only option. I dont want to pay for a game then wait for 2~3 hours or more if there is other downloads happening so bandwidth is shared. What if i lose the hdd so have to d/l all the 100gb worth of data/game etc?

Sorry MS i'm an xbox360 fanboy since 2005 but if you go d/l only route i'm not buying ur console.

Game3s2470d ago

I think no disc for the next xbox has its goods and bad.

For the good it it really uses a memory card like medium to store the games like cartridges on something like a SD card games will have faster loading times and the size of it can continuously change depending on the technology of the time and it will produce less heat and use less power than a disc however the bad part is it won't be backwards compatible with the 360 discs.

wiggles2470d ago

I just worry about the price. It cost me $400 just to get a 80GB PS3 and MGS4 (I think). As of today, I think I have 10 GBs free, but if I had bought more digital copies of games, then I would have been screwed a long time ago. I'm glad Sony eased up on the price with the slim models, I just hope they take that idea into the next console cycle.

I think Digital is the way forward, and I think it's cool that we are leaning that way, I hope that they don't remove the optical disk drive on xbox or ps3.

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