PhysX comes with an incredible new destruction set, Unreal Engine 4 will support it

DSOGaming writes: "According to Nvidia, real time fracture was possible thanks to the incredible raw power of modern-day GPUs. In case you were unaware of, in current games designers set specific points at where objects can be broken. This can be easily noticed in Crysis, where palm trees can be broken at certain points. With Nvidia’s PhysX, players will be able to break things and cause fracture where they want to, without any limitation."

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turokgames2263d ago

Real time destruction, no dev to have it blow up at certain points...I love it :D

john22263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

It was really mind-blowing stuff. However developers need to speed things up. Nvidia has already released the 3.0 SDK of PhysX and we haven't seen anyone using it (3.0 offers better multi-threading, thus better performance)

arnyftw2263d ago

I think they havent made any games using it because AMD doesnt have it. They would need to make 2 different games, one for AMD and one for Nvidia GPU's.

john22263d ago

@arnyftw: Nope, PhysX 3.0 is compatible with both AMD and Nvidia. Bohemia is currently looking into using the 3.0 SDK in ArmA 3 (as it will use PhysX for physics, though I doubt if they'll have a hardware GPU mode for those with Nvidia cards)

F7U122263d ago

Where's the video?! -_- And I wonder how long this feature will take to get to consoles.

Machioto2263d ago

It's on the home page like 12 spaces down.

F7U122263d ago

I see it, thanks dude.

solar2263d ago

When it's outdated and can be had cheaply.

F7U122263d ago


Sad but true. If Valve debuts a Steam box the consoles are in deep sh*t.

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NYC_Gamer2263d ago

Epic have finally realized the benefits of Nvidia

john22263d ago

Will developers actually take advantage of it though now or will we have to wait for next-gen consoles? That's the big question

christian hour2263d ago

Yes you will have to wait for next gen consoles, or you can experience it now(physX at least) on current gen pc GPU's, GPU's in consoles are not dx10 or 11, nor do they support phys x, if you want to see what the consoles are really missin out on just by not having phys x, look up arkham asylym and arkham city on pc with phys x enabled. It adds so much atmosphere to the game its unbelievable, volumetric smoke and crazy debris with insane physics! Cloth that rips and dangles accordingly etc, if nex gen consoles are not dx11 and phys x enabled and at least 2 gb, then I wouldnt bother with the next gen :P

SignifiedSix2263d ago

pretty sure the next Xbox will have dx11. and it'll only be the next Gen console to use it.

christian hour2263d ago

I know its rumored ps4 may be going with AMD for their processor but that doesnt rule out a possible nvidia gpu. I may not be 100% on this but I heard that AMD or it may have been ATI (memory is terrible atm) can support physx now using the cpu, its not as smooth as having the gpu handle it i imagine but if my fuzzy memory is correct its a step in the right direction :) Some day I'll be able to afford a decent gaming Rig... some day haha.

Plagasx2262d ago

This is going to rape fps in games.

Other Physx features already have enough impact, no thanks.

Eyesoftheraven2262d ago

Not to sound like an ass, but PhsyX hardly runs smooth (when Devs can even afford to support it) without the very best hardware.

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