MS: Xbox can defy economy and grow for 7th consecutive year

The world may be waiting for news of a new console, but Microsoft is focused on making 2012 the biggest year in Xbox 360 history.

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Cocozero2446d ago

Wouldn't be surprising, they were no.1 last year and will certainly be this year too since they are the only company who can afford a price cut.

EVILDEAD3602446d ago

Honestly they wouldnt even need a real price cut. Kinect will be sold at a lower price this holiday which will act as a price cut for the bundle.

Either way the 360 wouldnt need a price cut until Wii-U arrived and even then they might not bite.

Even Sony cited that the price cut hurt their revenue on their hardware.

E3 will really be the answer to everything as we will see how the Wii-U is perceived by the public.

either way both Sony and Microsoft will have almost an entire year to sell consoles at normal pace before the holidays arrive.


yesmynameissumo2446d ago

Microsoft can defy ANYTHING! They're Microsoft! Just pay, that's the only rule.

Series_IIa2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Where as your precious Sony just get business deals for free?

Not sure if you understand what money is and/or know how the economy works...

Fyflin2446d ago

I think they can do it, especially since we should see another price cut this year.

Mikhail2446d ago

Beat that Apple Fanboys who claim Apple is the one supreme gadget for gaming.

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