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Double_Oh_Snap2442d ago

Perfect score, yeah right I give this game a 0 for killing an otherwise amazing game with the terrible no choice plot hole endings.

Simon_Brezhnev2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Man i have to agree with you with some point. That ending is shit no matter how you look at it. Not really that diverse like they claim it to be. The ending just ruined the whole ME series. lol

Your right i did all side mentions except 3 of them. I had 5.5k battle points or w/e you call it. Get to the ending and was like wtf. ME2 ending was a lot better you had so many choices. I wouldnt mind sad endings either if it made sense. Just like everything you did in the past 5 years was a waste.

Double_Oh_Snap2442d ago

Could not agree anymore, just look at all fans praising ME3 like the critics. Oh wait there not because everything we were told was a lie. I don't mind sad endings but how about they make some sense or explain things.
Not to mention playing ME1,2, and ME3 mean nothing in the end of ME3. It's just sad bioware killed 5 years of the ultimate build up in 5 minutes.

Double_Oh_Snap2442d ago

This is what I felt like at the end of ME3, fan from the beginning as well. SPOILERS



lolololol, that could very well be the funniest video I have ever seen on ytube.

I had very very high hopes for ME when the series first launched but after ME2 I was completely let down by it.

I had no faith ME3 would be any better so i didn't buy it. Going by what my friends have said and reading some of the comments, I am glad I didn't.

I think the bargain bin price will hit much quicker now and thats when I will pick it up. Funny reading all those comments on the video. Thats made my day at work.

joydestroy2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

rofl i love the random rick roll'd in there =D

edit: jeez, that video is hilarious dude!

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Chuk52442d ago

So because you didn't like the ending, no one else can?

josephayal2442d ago

The perfect game does not exist

shammgod2442d ago

He didn't say perfect game, he said perfect score.

wotta2442d ago

Our 6/6 review score isn't perfect as such, since no game is. Read our review policy if you want an explanation.

Double_Oh_Snap2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

I understand, but how do you not knock points off for the ending?

WolfLeBlack2442d ago

Because not everyone disliked the ending would seem to be the obvious answer. You disliked it, but the reviewer may have quite enjoyed it.

Also depends which ending the reviewer got, since there's more than one.

wotta2442d ago

I wasn't the reviewer so can't comment.

Chuk52442d ago

Exactly, dude. I don't know why TIPZ is trying to evangelize everyone. You didn't like the ending? alright. Not everyone else has to accept your word as rule.